The Prepster


Not only is kids’ health and hygiene paramount to their wellbeing, but also to their independence and confidence. So think of this as the ABC’s of growing up well, a head-to-toe personal hygiene checklist for kids, the we-can’t-brush-your-teeth-for-you handbook to help your son stay squeaky clean. 
No doubt you’ve heard rumblings about a new ingredient being used up and down the health and beauty aisle. Charcoal has pushed its way into everything from shampoo bottles to face creams as the latest “it” ingredient. 
You’re not sure how it happened, but here you are: the not-so-proud parent to a teenager who refuses to bathe. His poor hygiene has become downright offensive and you’re left wondering where you went wrong. 
Remember when you were in charge of your son’s personal hygiene? But now, keeping his skin baby-soft and his hair free of food feels like a distant memory ever since your son took control of his own hygiene routine. 
It might sound strange: a puberty kit for your son. With daughters, sure, an army of products to prepare her for her first period seems obvious, but boys? What else could they really need besides some deodorant and soap? Well, a lot.
If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already decided to make the switch to natural deodorant for your tween or are in the process of making your decision. Either way, you’ll want to know as much about this transition as possible, including some tips about choosing the best natural deodorant for kids.
The unwelcome guests you’ve struggled hard to avoid have finally pushed their way in and are making themselves quite at home in your son or daughter. 

You know the smell. You may not be ready for it, but it’s ready for you. It’s B-O and it’s coming from your B-O-Y.  It’s time to confront it…and him. Your son needs deodorant.