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The Importance of His Personal Hygiene

The Importance of His Personal Hygiene

Remember when you were in charge of your son’s personal hygiene? But now, keeping his skin baby-soft and his hair free of food feels like a distant memory ever since your son took control of his own hygiene routine. But with so many teenage battles, should focusing on why hygiene is important be the one to fight? Yes. And here’s why. 

Personal Hygiene = Personal Health

No question, this is the primary answer as to why his personal hygiene is important. Whether it’s helping to prevent confidence-shaking acne with a daily face and body scrub or future health issues by using natural deodorant, he needs to understand the impact and importance of his personal hygiene. Plus, the sooner he realizes the connection between his hygiene and health, the more successful he’ll be in maintaining his health long-term. The goal here is still to create a self-sustaining, contributing member of society, right? So line up the oral care supplies, bring on the shampoo-and-conditioner combos, and bust out the skin care, it’s time to make personal hygiene priority number one (you may want to help him get started with a puberty kit).

Status Update: Social Life

Connecting the dots from personal hygiene and personal health is key but adding some dots that lead straight to his social life might be the best way to get through to him. Let’s be blunt, the smelly kid in class never got picked first for dances or class projects. So, if you’re trying to convince him why his personal hygiene is so important, it may be helpful to entice him with what it could do for his social life. Clean hair, fresh-smelling pits, freshly cut fingernails and moisturized skin can do wonders for weekend plans.

King of Confidence

The ultimate upside of prioritizing personal hygiene? A natural spike in self-confidence. With so many challenges at this age, confidence can often be the silver bullet. Something as routine and simple as making personal hygiene important can make your son feel good about himself and the person he presents to the world. An uptick in confidence can often lead to a spike in grades, friendships, and attitude. It’s worth a shot, no?
By talking to your son about his personal hygiene and giving him the tools he needs to prioritize it, you can easily teach him why personal hygiene is important.


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