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10 Facts About Natural Deodorant for Kids

10 Facts About Natural Deodorant for Kids

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already decided to make the switch to natural deodorant for your tween or are in the process of making your decision. Either way, you’ll want to know as much about this transition as possible, including some tips about choosing the best natural deodorant for kids.

Armed with these 10 facts about natural deodorant for kids, you’ll feel ready to pull the trigger on a healthy, effective solution to stop body odor in its tracks.


1. Chemical-Free

Kids’ natural deodorant just makes sense. Natural deodorant REALLY is ALL natural! With so many deodorants falling short of this category, it’s important to choose a kids’ natural deodorant that is free of aluminum, parabens, sulfates or any words you can’t pronounce. We like Prep U Natural Deodorant for boys of any age, and Native or Tom’s for girls. Check out our previous posts to learn more about why chemical-free matters so much. Suffice it to say that some of the chemicals in other deodorants can disrupt hormone function, leave residue in the organs, and many of them have the potential to be carcinogenic. It’s stuff you want to leave on the shelf.


2. No chemicals = Real results

We know what you’re thinking: how can ingredients like essential oils and beeswax actually prevent my kid from reeking? The real question may be “how do aluminum, parabens, and sulfates keep my kid from reeking?” Just because something has a scientific name doesn’t mean that it’s more effective at odor control. Let’s be clear: natural ingredients alone won’t make your son smell like roses, but something like our Prep U Activated Charcoal Deodorant will help draw out the bacteria that ordinarily mixes with sweat to cause body odor, and instead, help to eliminate body odor.


3. The first time may not take

It’s true. Because the ingredients in kids' natural deodorant are chemical-free, this may mean your son or daughter will need to try a few brands before finding the perfect fit. Without all the toxins getting in the way, the marriage between their body chemistry and a particular all-natural brand is far more specific. Be sure to give things a chance before trying a different all-natural brand (1-2 weeks) or forego natural deodorants altogether. With a little time and trial, you’ll find the right natural deodorant for your son and it will work!


4. Search and reapply.

Choose a natural deodorant for your tween or teen and then reapply. You may need to do this often during the first week or two of use, especially if your son or daughter has been using a traditional deodorant with aluminum or parabens. Whether their bodies are detoxing from the chemicals in standard solids or adapting to their first interaction with real ingredients, there may be a grace period where a little more might go a long way. There is a transition period, but you’ll get there.


5. The longer you use it, the better it works

We can’t stress this enough! Once you’ve dated around in the deodorant aisle and found the best fit, natural deodorant for children actually grows more effective with time. Bodies adjust to the new natural kids’ deodorant and as the chemicals of the other deodorants dissipate, your kid will be smelling better and better everyday., Since their bodies won’t be absorbing any toxins from traditional solids, their pits emit less offensive odor. It’s that simple.


6. Less becomes more

Whereas more was more in the early stages when kids are just beginning to transition to a natural deodorant, soon their bodies have adapted, accepted and appreciated this chemical-free switch allowing them to use less product for longer stretches of time. Think of it as extending deodorant curfew. You’ll be saving money because they’re using less product, and you’ll be enhancing your son’s health because they’ll be applying a chemical-free product.


7. Their BO may change

Assuming your child was already using some sort of deodorant or antiperspirant, switching to a natural deodorant for kids or tweens will likely change their smell when they sweat. That’s because their pits are no longer absorbing all the bad chemicals that change their natural smell. This is not to say you’re a fan of their natural smell…you’re reading this blog for a reason. But the smell will be different, and both you and your kid will notice a change--for the better! Your child’s diet can also impact their smell. Foods high in sulfur, like broccoli, brussel sprouts and other cruciferous veggies, can increase skin bacteria which in turn, changes body odor.


8. Laundry jackpot

Kids’ natural deodorants don’t leave stains on clothes. No more yellow pits and discolored t-shirts. Fewer chemicals and less laundry. You’re welcome.


9. Smooth, silky skin

Ok, we’re not promising baby-soft skin, but the essential oils in natural deodorants for tweens and teens does, in fact, help promote softer, moisturized underarms. And while that may not be a concern a teen thinks they have--they may have never considered the skin in their armpits--they’ll soon notice a difference. And they’ll appreciate it.


10. Double victory

The most shocking fact about natural deodorant for tweens and teens? The catch-free, no loophole, win-win of the whole experience. Your kid gets effective odor-fighting protection to keep them smelling good, and you get to know they’re using safe, all-natural ingredients you can feel good about. Now that’s something to celebrate.


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