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Can Natural Deodorant Really Offer 24-Hour Protection?

Can Natural Deodorant Really Offer 24-Hour Protection?

Is it true?  Natural deodorant lasting 24 hours?

You’ve seen the claims before: traditional antiperspirants promising all-day protection and now, natural deodorants guaranteeing 24-hour protection. While the toxins in some antiperspirants may make it possible to deliver on such a promise, all-natural deodorant products would be hard-pressed to follow through.

That’s because if you’re using a deodorant made from nothing more than essential oils and all-natural ingredients to help prevent body odor, then the security of 24-hour protection is frankly, impossible. This is especially true if you’re an athlete or particularly sweaty.

If it seems like we’re calling out natural deodorant, including our own EWG deodorant, you’d be right. But we believe transparency is key here, especially if you haven’t yet made the switch to natural or charcoal deodorant and are still learning the facts.


When it comes to natural deodorant and long-lasting protection, you can expect “long-lasting” to deliver odor-free protection that is dependent upon your level of activity and/or natural sweating patterns.


In other words, if you tend to be the “sweaty guy”, reapply liberally throughout the day. As a rule, natural deodorant needs to be reapplied more than the not-so-natural stuff and that’s mainly for reasons.

Body chemistry matters

First, your body is still adjusting its natural chemistry to the natural ingredients of your natural deodorant (did we mention this transition is all-natural)? While the switch may be seamless at first and you’ll be just as odor-free as when you were using a conventional antiperspirant, you may notice an increase in body odor a few weeks into using your natural deodorant because aluminum is no longer blocking your perspiration. This increase in sweat production may cause your previously toxin-filled pits to release more B.O because you removed the chemical barriers that once prevented odor-causing bacteria from leaking out (if you’re new to all this antiperspirant v natural deodorant talk, pause here to learn about the difference.) This detox process may take a couple weeks, but your body WILL catch up and your newfound path of au-naturel freedom WILL work.


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The second reason why natural deodorant may require more frequent reapplication is arguably less scientific, yet still relevant as it depends on your personal comfort level, or better said, confidence level. If you’re a shower-twice-a-day, carry-cologne-in-my-backpack, hog-the-bathroom type, you’ll probably find yourself reapplying your EWG-verified deodorant frequently to maintain that shower-fresh feeling. But if you’re a bit more lax about your funk and realize it is a small price to pay for getting in extra reps at the gym or crushing a new trick shot, then by all means, reapply when it suits you.

Simply put, if you choose to use natural deodorant (which we highly recommend), be skeptical of those who claim 24-hour, all-day or lasting protection. The benefits of natural and charcoal deodorant is its ability to keep you de-odorized without the harmful ingredients. If that means having to use a little more, a little more frequently, so be it. 



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