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The Teenage Hygiene Checklist

The Teenage Hygiene Checklist

With the onset of puberty comes a big topic: how to tackle hygiene for teenage guys. We’ve formatted it into a checklist so it’s easy to digest, even for a boy who has his attention on everything except keeping clean. Fortunately, the checklist is relatively short, surprisingly basic--but hugely important. After all, teaching them good personal teenage hygiene tips during puberty is as critical as teaching them their ABC’s and 123’s during childhood. You can’t assume they know it (where else are they going to learn it if not from you!) and it will take lots of repetition before you trust that they can handle it on their own. Enter the daily hygiene checklist. Though everyone’s hygiene routine will vary slightly, we’ve identified 5 key factors for good teenage hygiene for guys. Read it. Repeat it. Relish it.

1.  Shower daily.

Yep, you’ll have to actually remind him to do this every day as part of good teenage hygiene. Especially knowing how bad boys can smellfrom shoes to shirts to shorts--he has to make time to wash daily with a mild, all-natural soap like Prep U Body Wash to avoid drying out his skin while still eliminating the bacterial build-up. Our Charcoal Bar Soap is great for drawing out odor-causing bacteria, too.  And though it may seem obvious to you, defining “showering” to him as cleaning thoroughly in ALL the crevices, including under fingernails, between toes, behind ears, and all around those private parts is key. That goes for shampooing, too. Never assume that because you know how to shower, your son will naturally know--think back to when you were a kid. Puberty is a rough time, and life changes a lot.

Prep U Body Wash

2. Wash & moisturize your face.

Acne can be a pre-teen and a teenager’s worst nightmare. That’s why an all-natural facial cleanser and moisturizer is high on our checklist of hygiene tips for teenage guys. He can kill two birds using Prep U Charcoal Face and Body Scrub to detoxify and exfoliate the skin gently during his shower followed by a lightweight, acne-fighting moisturizer afterwards. “Gently” is the operative word there — he can’t scrub away oil or acne, if it’s already there. Explain to him that this will only cause more skin irritation. Look for all-natural solutions that will keep skin quenched without clogging pores. Odds are he wants to get rid of his acne even more than you do, so giving him an easy regimen to solve the problem — something he can just do without supervision and too much trouble will take care of the problem.

Prep U Charcoal Face and Body Scrub

3. Apply deodorant after showering.

And maybe apply it again as needed throughout the day (again, boys = smelly). We break down how to choose the best deodorant for boys here and offer safe, effective Natural or Charcoal Deodorant options. Not only will applying a natural deodorant daily keep him odor-free, but it will also keep him free from harmful toxins or chemicals. It might not be a bad idea to brush up on what to expect from his natural deodorant while covering off on these teenage hygiene tips. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a smell-killer for your son: you want a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. We get into all the nitty-gritty details in these other articles, but sweat isn’t the problem; bacteria is. And antiperspirants are where you're likely to run into all those nasty chemicals.

Prep U EWG Verified Natural Deodorant

4. Change clothes daily.

Sorry mom, we know this means more laundry, but we promise it’s worth it. From his underwear to his socks, your son should know that putting clean clothes on a clean body is an important part of the daily hygiene checklist. Especially if he’s active and sweating more than the average boy. He shouldn’t try to salvage his lucky jock strap or give his undershirts the sniff test. Wear it once, then toss it in the laundry basket. Our Active Dry Powder is helpful in this area as it keeps his sweat-prone parts dry and chafe-free, as well as his sneakers and gym bag odor-free. Check out more about this multitasking product here.

Prep U Active Dry Powder

5. Brush & floss.

If attracting a date isn’t motivation enough, then hopefully bad breath and tooth decay is what will get him to add brushing and flossing to his teenage hygiene routine. Try keeping his toothbrush and toothpaste in the shower to remind him and keep the floss handy on the counter as a daily reminder. The fewer obstacles in his way the better—make it easy for him. Warning: this may require some extra nagging.

Like we said, depending on the boy, his teenage hygiene tips daily checklist may grow easily. But if he can tackle these 5 tips at minimum, you’ll all be ahead of the teenage hygiene game. It’s a tricky time for teens, and they’re hearing information from their school, their friends, and from you. Best to get them onboard with responsible teenage hygiene tips from a young age and help them develop good habits from the start. Godspeed, friends.

Like we said, depending on the boy, his daily hygiene checklist may grow easily. But if he can tackle these 5 tips at minimum, you’ll all be ahead of the teenage hygiene game. Godspeed, friends.


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