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Time to Get a Puberty Kit for Your Son

Time to Get a Puberty Kit for Your Son

It might sound strange: a puberty kit for your son. With daughters, sure, an army of products to prepare her for her first period seems obvious, but boys? What else could they really need besides some deodorant and soap? Well, a lot.

There’s no sign in a grocery aisle that says “puberty products for son”, but he’s going to need them, so you’ll want to be ready. When your son starts to show signs that he’s approaching some inevitable changes (which could be pre-teen years for some and teenage years for others), it’s time to start thinking about putting together a boys’ grooming kit. Think of it like a survival kit of puberty products that will not only help teach him proper hygiene, but ensure he’s caring for his body safely and effectively. We’ve listed the must-have boys personal care products to help you create the perfect puberty kit for your son.

1. An actual kit, box, container  something.

Maybe it’s clearing out a drawer for him in the bathroom vanity or finding him the perfect container that feels both masculine and private. Whatever it is, giving him a tangible vessel to store all his puberty products can help him feel prepared, organized and discreet. Going through puberty can be embarrassing and he won’t want to advertise his new issues to everyone in the house. He’ll probably appreciate not having his personal care products advertised across the counter—and you’ll appreciate the lack of mess. Whatever it is, making it something that is uniquely his, something he has control and ownership of. It’ll make him feel more responsible for the productsand their usesthat he finds inside.

2. All-natural deodorant.

This is at the top of the products-for-puberty list for several reasons: 1) Boys smell bad when they hit puberty. Like, really bad 2) Natural deodorant is a no-brainer. 3) Choosing the right natural deodorant is easy when you know what to look for. Just be sure to prepare him for how his body will react to the toxin-free odor fighter. Remember that you want something all-natural, not something with aluminum and sulfates and other chemicals. Start him off right with the good stuff, and he’ll stick with it out of habit. He’ll thank you later.

Prep U Natural Deodorant

3. Skin, skin, skin.

Make room in that puberty kit for an all-natural body wash, facial cleanser and moisturizer. Knowing how acne-prone pre-teens and teenagers can be thanks to the hormone party their bodies are having, it’s important to teach them early that a daily facial routine is key. Odds are good that your son will want to get rid of his acne just as much as you willprobably more! Prep U 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash or Charcoal Face & Body Scrub delivers a toxin-free, gentle-on-skin-tough-on-bacteria clean you both can feel good about, and we’re big fans of all-natural, oil-free moisturizer to boot. Having clear skin will give him as much confidence in life and school as smelling clean. He’ll want both!

Prep U Charcoal Face & Body Scrub

4. Razor, shaving cream, after-shave.

Whether he’s been hairy since his toddler days or just barely showing some upper-lip growth, stocking his puberty kit with a gentle razor, shaving cream and after-shave might be helpful. Sure, shaving might be part of a larger conversation and tutorial session, but his boys’ grooming kit is a good place to start. When it comes to men’s personal care products, you can’t go without these. Keep that acne-free face clean from wispy chin hairs, too, to get the whole package.

5. Toothbrush, floss and mouthwash.

It’s no mystery that pubescent boys do not have the best oral hygiene. Although your son probably knows the ins and outs of the basic daily oral care regimen, pre-teen and teenage boys can get a bit...shall we say lax when it comes to overall cleanliness. No need to add bad breath into the mix. Try switching up his dental care regimen with a ‘more mature’ toothpaste such as RADIUS USDA organic toothpaste which comes in flavors like Ginger Citrus, Clove Cardamom, and Matcha Mint. RADIUS also makes a cool toothbrush called the “Big Brush” Toothbrush with replaceable head, which you can tell him is used by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (true story).

Radius toothpaste

6. The extras.

No puberty kit is complete without a nail clipper, brush or comb, hair product (gel or pomade), a mild body spray, and Prep U Active Dry Powder (this stuff is multi-purpose and mind-blowing). Throw in a moisturizing lip balm for good measure, and you’re covered. Personal care products for boys don’t need to be complicated. He may use all of it, or he may just use the basics, but now he’s got everything he could want, and having options is great for a kid going through some big life changes.

Prep U Active Dry Powder

There you have it: your son’s first-ever puberty kit. It’s an easy, but effective way to get him thinking about the changes he’s about to experience and how he should start taking ownership over his body sooner than later. Not to mention, it might just encourage him to come to you for advice when puberty becomes all-too real (no guarantees, but a parent can dream).

Since we’ve all been there, we created the Prep U Total Clean Set to get your boys’ grooming kit off to a good start. Check out all of our safe, natural products here to find the best fit for him (and you).


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