Active Dry Powder

  • Comfort Is The Name of the Game.
    Prep U's Active Dry Powder is designed to keep sweaty and sensitive areas dry and comfortable. It's lightly scented and free of talc for sensitive skin. It absorbs excess moisture to prevent irritation and provide gentle odor protection. Check out do's and don'ts and blog articles on how you can use our Active Dry Powder.



Who is it for?

Teen and Tween guys that play hard and need an anti-sweat/anti-friction powder that soothes and protects those areas most impacted by leg-to-leg friction or simply the irritation caused by damp athletic gear.

What is Active Dry Powder?

Arrowroot-based powder that serves as an all-natural, talc-free alternative. After showering, simply sprinkle in your hands and gently dust the appropriate body parts/areas. Works great on your feet and in your shoes as well!

Where else can I use it?

Oh let us count the ways...

- After you shower

- After a workout

- After or between practices (two-a-days)

Also great for:

- sweaty feet

- nasty shoes

- in gym bags

- even use as a dry shampoo!

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