• Sayonara Smells

  • Chemical-free body care for an all natural clean.

  • Aluminum Free + Full Court Fresh = No Stank!


All Natural Body Care for Guys.

Combining safe, all-natural ingredients with clean, soothing scents, Prep U’s products offer a welcome relief to the dirt, sweat and smells of boyhood. Designed specifically for tween and teen boys, our products provide boys with a suite of body care and hygiene options for all stages of growing up. Confidence starts with personal hygiene.


"Prep U’s Citrus Mint Body Spray replaces the worst BO with a scent that can only be described as Trident fresh."

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No Bad Stuff. Simply Natural.

At Prep U, we believe dirt, sweat and smells are the currency of experience and confidence starts with good hygiene.

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