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Our Mission

Simply put, we want to be the personal care of choice for young men. Admittedly, there are a lot of choices out there. Many of which are not good choices. Whether you're a mom buying your son their first stick of deodorant or you're a teen veteran that knows exactly what you want, Prep U is here to start you on your all-natural personal care journey by giving you products that meet the new standards of what it means to be clean. From puberty to manhood, we want to give guys the confidence they need to win the day.

Our Solution

A clean (free from chemicals, synthetics, artificial colors and fragrances) regimen of teen body products to help active guys stay fresh and odor-free through the use of ethically sourced, all-natural ingredients like antibacterial coconut oil, ph balancing arrowroot, and oil eliminating active charcoal.  

Prep U Teen Hygiene Products

Our Founder

As the mother of two boys, the idea for Prep U came from a simple observation –  guys stink! This is a universal truth with the teen and tween guys.  A real frustration for many parents is that they want their young men to be hygienically responsible; this means understanding not only what they are putting on their bodies, but also the timing and frequency in which this is done. 

Guy Tested - Tried & True

Guy tested, guy approved.  Adults filed the paperwork, guys made it happen.  The development of Prep U body care products has been a fun collaboration with our employees' sons, their friends and other young men in our community of Austin, TX to ensure that our products answer their concerns and fulfill their wishes.

Our advantage? Ingredient knowledge of full-fledged, grown-up experts that have boys. From testing fragrances and product formulations to joining our ranks as illustrators, creative directors and brand ambassadors, our team of Prep U All-Stars has made their mark on our products, our philosophy and our mission to give guys confidence from puberty to manhood.