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Prep U Our Mission to provide all natural products with no nonsense for tween and teen guys

Our Mission

To prepare guys of all ages for life’s messiest moments…and to do it without any chemicals, toxins or artificial nonsense. Whether you’re entering puberty or middle age, Prep U is committed to creating all-natural, toxic-free, guy products that redefine what it means to be clean.

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PU Promise

Our promise is to only use all-natural, ethically sourced, effective ingredients in every product we make so that guys can be healthy, clean and confident throughout every stage of life. We are going one step further to guarantee our promise with ingredient transparency and best practices by third party organizations.

Ready. Set. Prep.

We are committed to cultivating confidence. From pure, simple ingredients to honest, reliable advice, Prep U prides itself on being a trusted, responsible source for guys of all ages.

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"I'm the happiest when I'm in the ocean surfing and nature all around me. So it's a o rainer that I use all natural products like #PrepU. The conventional stuff is toxic."

Mason Barnes, Pro Surfer

Guy-tested - Mom approved

As the mother of two boys, Prep U founder, Michelle Houp, operated by two truths: guys stink and the products designed to clean them can actually hurt them. Frustrated by the harsh, chemical-filled hygiene products that only left her boys with rashes or allergies, Michelle did something about it. On a mission to instill sound hygiene practices in her boys using equally as reliable ingredients, Prep U was born.

Launched in 2017, Prep U has grown to a thriving collection sold online and in major retailers. So, what’s the secret sauce? The real-life experiences, needs and preferences of boys and parents who helped influence every ingredient that created Prep U. Eczema, allergies, bacne, foot odor — you name it, we tackled it. With Prep U, guys no longer have to search for a solution to life’s hygiene challenges. It’s right here.

Before plant-based was a thing

Plant-based ingredients are at the core of our DNA and have been since 2017. We only use the highest quality ingredients to give you the best and healthiest benefits for your skin and the environment.

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