Our Mission

To prepare guys of all ages for life’s messiest moments…and to do it without any chemicals, toxins or artificial nonsense. Whether you’re entering puberty or middle age, Prep U is committed to creating all-natural, toxic-free, guy-only products that redefine what it means to be clean.

Our Promise

To only use all-natural, ethically sourced, fully effective ingredients in every product we make so that guys can be healthy, clean and confident throughout every stage of life.

Prep U Teen Hygiene Products

Guy-tested. Mom-approved.

As the mother of two boys, Prep U founder, Michelle Houp, operated by two truths: guys stink and the products designed to clean them can actually hurt them. Frustrated by the harsh, chemical-filled hygiene products that only left her boys with rashes or allergies, Michelle did something about it. On a mission to instill sound hygiene practices in her boys using equally as reliable ingredients, Prep U was born.

Launched in 2018, Prep U has grown to a thriving collection sold online and (soon) in major retailers. So, what’s the secret sauce? The real-life experiences, needs and preferences of boys and parents who helped influence every ingredient that created Prep U. Eczema, allergies, bacne, foot odor — you name it, we tackled it. With Prep U, guys no longer have to search for a solution to life’s hygiene challenges. It’s right here.