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Why Do Boys Smell SO BAD?

Why Do Boys Smell SO BAD?

Life is always challenging for moms of boys. In addition to all the weird stuff they do, there’s a bunch of body-odor things you never considered before becoming a boy mom, like ball sweat. Um, fun. You were never a tween boy, so you have absolutely no idea what’s going on inside his body and why it’s causing a change in body odor. Your son doesn’t even know what’s happening to him, so how are YOU supposed to know why he smells? And let us be clear, if he hasn’t already, he WILL start to smell…badly.  We’re here to break down exactly why that is.


First of all, one study discovered that teenagers are just terrible at recognizing the smell of sweat, so it’s no wonder that they’re not reaching for deodorant or body wash to combat their change in body odor. That’s where you come in. Like everything else you have to tell him to do, he may actually need your help letting him know that he’s putting off an offensive aroma. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on how to tell your son he smells.


Beyond his general lack of scent sensitivity, there IS a scientific reason why your son smells differently than you or even his sister. There’s actually a specific bacteria in a young boy’s armpits that make boys smell. A Swiss study discovered that men and women produce different bacteria and thus, different enzymes. Of these varying bacteria, women produce more of an “oniony” smell, while men produce more of a “cheesy” aroma. It’s thought that our smells differ in order to attract a mate of the opposite sex. Romantic, no?


With all this male-female body odor mix-up, it’s no wonder why your son’s room smells bad to you or why his change in body odor is more offensive to you than say, your husband. Rest assured, you can easily help combat the bacteria in your son’s armpits by providing him with a natural deodorant, especially one with charcoal, which naturally draws out the toxins from his skin. You’ll want to learn a bit more about choosing the best natural deodorant to help this issue subside.


As we mentioned, it’s not just his pits that stink. Since boys are also so incredibly active, the sweat in other areas of his body (especially those private areas) can also produce odor when it comes in contact with the bacteria that lives on his body. A natural body wash will help defend against any change in body odor keeping him fresh and clean, and you from gagging.


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