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5 Ways to Combat Bacne

5 Ways to Combat Bacne

Acne isn’t just for the face, which is an excruciating thing to discover as a pre-teen. So, help your son realize that blemishes may happen on his chest and back (and, oh God, even his butt) and can be worse if he’s not using a healthy hygiene regimen. Also, while bacne is normal for pre-teens and teenagers, because excessive sweating leads to clogged pores, active boys can experience breakouts more often. It’s important that boys are proactive in taking care of their skin and workout clothes.

In addition to the face, acne can also appear on other parts of the body such as the chest, back, and butt. This can be a painful discovery for pre-teens and teenagers who may not be prepared for it. As parents, it is important to educate our sons that acne is a normal part of growing up and can happen anywhere on the body.

Here are five ways to help your son battle the dreaded body acne.

1. Ditch the sweaty clothes ASAP.

Your son shouldn’t just sit around in his workout clothes. That sweat can let bacteria flourish and block pores, leading to bacne. He should shower right away and put on fresh clothes, but if a shower isn’t in the cards, he needs to at least take off the sweaty clothes as soon as he can.

2. Switch up his soap.

A regular bar soap isn’t gonna cut it. Body washes and bar soaps with activated charcoal will help to naturally clear out the toxins in his skin and unclog pores, helping to prevent breakouts from even starting. So, swap out his normal bar soap for a charcoal body bar instead. Exfoliating at least once a week will also help clean out pores.

3. Wash his face at least every day.

OK, if your son isn’t showering every day (pick your battles, amirite?), he needs to at least wash his face with something that will help combat blemishes. An activated charcoal scrub will help exfoliate his skin to remove the toxins that lead to acne while also retaining moisture.

4. Clean his sheets regularly.

Sweat, oil, and dead skin cells live in his sheets (super gross!), and changing them regularly can help to reduce oil buildup on his skin. Ideally they should be cleaned twice a week, but since no one has got time for that, try sprinkling Prep U’s active dry powder on top to keep sheets dry and fresh in between washes. 

5. Wash his workout clothes the right way.

It can seem impossible to get his athletic gear clean. Sometimes it seems like they never smell fresh, let alone feel as clean as they should be. Grab some natural sports detergent or soak his stinky clothes in vinegar before washing. He should also start off his workout with clean gear on instead of rewearing, which, ugh, means even more laundry.

While acne and bacne is basically a rite of passage for any teenager, it can be helped with the right skincare products and proper hygiene. Even if your son hasn’t experienced breakouts yet, get him started on a natural hygiene program to help detox his skin and clear out his pores, especially if he’s an athlete!


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