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How to Teach Your Son Good Personal Hygiene Habits

How to Teach Your Son Good Personal Hygiene Habits

When we were little girls, it seemed like the whole world was training us how to use beauty, skincare, and body products. There were tons of magazines, and we’d share tips with our friends. Getting our period was no secret, and we learned about tampons at an early age. Health class teaches both boys and girls about their changing bodies, but there just aren’t as many skincare and hygiene resources for tween boys. That’s why it’s important as parents to teach our sons how to take care of themselves. We already teach them about staying healthy and eating right, so we need to make sure to take it a step further and educate them on how to build good personal hygiene habits too. 

Here are some helpful tips. 

Start them young. 

We know, we all wish we could go back in time. If you start training your kiddo when he is young, he’ll be more prepared later when going through puberty. This means teaching him to wash his hands, how to brush his teeth properly, and the importance of soap during baths and showers. 

Arm him with the right products. 

Every boy is different. So, do some research and learn more about what his skin and body may need. Not all skincare products are equal. Prep U products are all natural and chemical free, so you can take pride in knowing what’s going on his skin. 

Don’t assume he knows what to do. 

Sure, you can tell him he stinks, but that doesn’t mean he knows how to take care of the smell. Also, just because you buy the products, doesn’t necessarily mean he knows how to use them. Give him a quick tutorial on how to wash his face with charcoal face bar geared to help control oil production, and how the active dry powder is to be used effectively. 

Remind, remind, remind. 

You used to ask your young son if he brushed his teeth, so make sure to remind him of the other tasks at hand too. “Did you wash your face? Did you put your deodorant on?” Yeah, he’ll likely respond with a “Yes, MOOOOOOOOM” with total exasperation, but it’ll help to remind him to do it until it’s a habit. 

Include him in the process. 

Don’t assume you can buy him one product and be done. Get him a new body wash and ask him how he likes it. Is the smell OK to him, or would he like something else? Does he need a a face & body soap for bacne? Help him guide you into what to buy and make sure he feels included in the decisions. 

Lead by example. 

If he’s never seen you floss or shower right after working out, he’s never going to want to do it. Be a good example for him – from washing your face to properly washing your workout clothes. It’ll help him realize how important it is if you show him. 

Be gentle. 

Yes, he’s gonna stink. But don’t shame or embarass him. Make sure he knows it’s natural and everyone goes through the same issues. If you treat him sensitively, he’ll be more likely to respond favorably and embrace a good hygiene routine. 

Good luck, Moms and Dads! 


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