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Benefits of Active Dry Powder

Benefits of Active Dry Powder

What’s the point of powder?

From his nether regions to his armpits, a boy’s body can be a paradise for sweat. Hands, feet, crotch, butt — you name it—it’s all sweat-prone. Sure, a good natural deodorant can help defend against the odor that sweaty pits emit, but what about all these other places where a stick won’t work? Enter, PrepU Active Dry Powder.

Just like the baby powder you used on his bottom as a baby, dry powder acts like a barrier to moisture to help prevent irritation, friction or skin reactions. How? Whether it’s talcum or cornstarch, these extremely fine powders are astringents and when applied to the skin, they cause body tissue to constrict and therefore, remain dry. But considering the recent reports linking talcum to cancer, we steer clear from talc and use a corn starch base together with arrowroot powder, baking soda and essential oils. In other words, every bottle of PrepU Active Dry Powder is packed with all-natural ingredients that keep him dry and comfortable wherever he needs it most.

The best part? You can even sprinkle some of this magical elixir in his shoes, gym bag, backpack — virtually anywhere that moisture lurks. Plus, there’s a light citrus scent that helps eliminate that sweat-stench you know so well.

So whether he’s struggling with chafing between his legs, discomfort on his back, irritation on the backs of his knees, or any other myriad of places that sweat and moisture can cause a disturbance, our talc-free powder is ready to work.


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