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10 Signs You're a Boy Mom

10 Signs You're a Boy Mom

It’s not every day that we are blessed with the glamorous task of tracking the unparalleled stench of moldy football equipment, soiled socks, and mystery stains around the house. Oh who are we kidding? It is every day. EVERY. DAY.
But as much as we all go on and on about the horrors of raising boys, we also cherish it. After all, the stinky years are not infinite. Much like that song that once played on repeat in your car over and over and over, this too will end. How? Most likely when their sense of smell catches up with their appetite for destruction. Or when a romantic interest tells them they stink.

So without further ado, we give you 10 Signs You’re A Boy Mom

1. You have a bathroom that would give a truck stop a run for its money.
2. The CDC is aware of and monitoring the area under his bed.
3. You can easily find 12 baseballs but not a single matching sock.
4. Nothing is official until you’ve repeated it for the 10th time.
5. “I’m doing a load of laundry” has been replaced with “I’m going in”.
6. You know when the newest game console is coming out.
7. Finding three-day-old, half-eaten food under dirty clothes, in closets and fused to what was your good dinnerware is no longer a surprise.
8. Hot Dogs are considered a breakfast food.
9. You drive with the windows down. Even in winter. And the rain.
10. Stenches have an official name, address, birth certificate and passport.

    If you identify with any of these or, God help you, all of them, well, welcome to the club. And, for the days and years leading up to that first romantic interests who alters the course of smelldom, Prep U was born. Check out our products to start combatting the stink!


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