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Getting Serious About Ball Sweat

Getting Serious About Ball Sweat

There’s enough to be uncomfortable about in the tween years – getting called on in class, first crushes, growing pains both literal and figurative. While we can’t solve all the problems boys face during this transitional period, we can take a few hot zones off the list with our Active Dry Powder.

But, before we dive into the specifics, let’s start with the disclaimer – if talk of testicles and the perils of moisture in dark, confined spaces makes you squirm, this is not the post for you. However, if you can imagine the refreshing feeling and unrivaled comfort of a dry, friction-free undercarriage on a sweltering summer day, then you’re ready to enter into the realm of Active Dry Powder.


Active + Dry

Irritated. Chafed. Moist. These are not words you want to be using to describe the business district, let alone how you want to be feeling mid-game or mid-day. The conditions that lead to these results are an unavoidable part of the life as an active boy, which makes prevention the best course for helping them feel and perform their best. And that’s where our Active Dry Powder comes in.   

As the name says, the powder is designed to keep things dry during activity, preventing sweat and moisture from building up to help boys (and their boys) stay fresh and comfortable. Many dads will be able to attest to the revelatory comfort powder provides on a daily basis (but if you haven’t tried it yet, Dad, feel free to sample before handing over to the boys). 

And while we're focusing on one specific region here, our Active Dry Powder can also be used to prevent moisture, and odors it causes, in a variety of places. From shoes to sports equipment to a carpet freshner, it's a safe, effective way to take on the trail of smells your boy or boys leave in their wake. 


Point, Shoot and Enjoy.

For those unfamiliar with the nuances of body powder, a light dusting (pro tip: when wearing shorts apply over the toilet) in their boxers, briefs or boxer briefs provides that extra touch of comfort all day long. Some prefer to put the powder in their hand before applying, but in either case quick and light are key unless you enjoy the prospect of a great smelling dust cloud following your son everywhere he goes.

It really is that simple. And, as far as introducing it to boys, once the initial titters die down it really comes down to comfort. Men the world over have embraced the powder movement, enjoying the cool, refreshed feeling after years of sweat and discomfort. Our Active Dry Powder is the safe option for the younger set.


I Heard Talc Is Bad.

The research into the risks of talcum powder as a carcinogen is ongoing and has focused to date on the use of body powders by women and on the risk of lung cancer in talc miners due to particle inhalation. In both instances, there have been no conclusive results to correlate the use of talcum powder with an increased risk of cancer. However, as parents, the possibility is one that we are not willing to take with our sons.

Ultimately, that concern is what drove us to look for alternatives, eventually leading to Arrowroot as the base of our Active Dry Powder. An alternative to cornstarch, Arrowroot softens skin by enabling it to absorb more moisture. It has been used to help aid in healing many skin conditions including athlete's foot, blisters and abrasions.

Our powder also contains zinc oxide, a naturally occurring mineral that is used topically in to treat minor skin irritations, and kaolin clay, a very fine and light clay mineral that has natural absorbency properties. Together with the arrowroot, it creates a silky, smooth feel with excellent absorption properties, while the blend of essential oils bring their odor-fighting, bacteria killing properties to the mix. All together, it’s an all-natural option and a safe introduction to the refreshing world of body powders for active boys.


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