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Building His Health & Fitness Routine: Why It Matters & How to Start | Prep U Products

Building His Health & Fitness Routine: Why It Matters & How to Start

Teens are notoriously short-sided. Their idea of “planning for the future” is a fully charged cell phone and packing a protein bar for practice. In other words, convincing teenagers that taking care of their minds and bodies now in order to benefit them long-term can feel a bit like talking to a brick wall. But hey, we’re parents, talking to brick walls is our specialty, so let’s get to it.

Why Does He Need a Health & Fitness Routine Anyway?

You might be wondering if this is all necessary. Heck, how many adults do you know who don’t have a health and fitness routine let alone a teenage boy? That’s exactly the point. What he learns now sets him up for success tomorrow, and a health regimen is something that must be taught. He needs to see the big picture: a self-care regimen isn’t just about appeasing mom or impressing coach or getting a date, it’s about optimizing his health now for later. Forming positive habits now, when he’s young and while his brain is still developing, will all but guarantee less health complications later in life.

How to Create a Fitness Routine

There are a few ways to skin this cat.

  • First, know thy son: is he an avid athlete? Does he fare better working out with friends than going it alone? Or has he been allergic to exercise since he was a kid? By knowing and playing to his strengths, you can help him find a fitness routine that’s right for him. You may love a brisk jog in the morning before you start the day whereas he’d rather log his miles after school to blow off steam from the stress of school. Or maybe he’s an avid music-lover who couldn’t care less about the workout so long as he has the perfect playlist to get him going. Whatever his personality, there’s a workout to match. Try thinking outside the box, too. From free fitness apps to group classes at the local gym to setting up free weights and resistance bands in your garage, there’s bound to be something that he won’t hate.
  • Once you’ve identified the workout(s) that appeals to him, it’s’ time to turn it into a routine. Sit down with him and create a workout schedule based on his other commitments. Find the best time for him to squeeze his fitness in so that it doesn’t feel like a chore and starts becoming a habit. Can he wake up 30 minutes early three times a week for DDP Yoga? Or go with pals after school to the local Y for boxing class two times a week? Start with small, obtainable goals and remind him that no one expects a zero-to-hero performance overnight. Remember, the goal is to find him a workout and custom schedule that will help him hone his own lasting, effective fitness routine. 

How to Build Positive Hygiene Habits

As he starts to understand the importance of regularly working out his body, then it’ll be an easy sell to help him understand the importance of regularly maintaining his hygiene. The two are forever intertwined, so getting a jump on his self-care doesn’t end with extra reps and sweaty socks.

Speaking of sweat, let’s start there. From clogging pores to radiating funk, sweat is a master manipulator who can “reek” havoc on his skin, his laundry and yes, his social life. Combating sweat should start in the shower. Prep U 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash is a must-have. Not only does it keep shower time easy and efficient, but it cleanses and purifies him from head to toe. No harsh chemicals, no intense scents, just an all-natural, totally moisturizing clean that will keep his hair and skin hydrated and healthy.

No harsh chemicals, no intense scents, just an all-natural, totally moisturizing clean that will keep his hair and skin hydrated and healthy.

For guys prone to acne or irritation, we also recommend our Face & Body Charcoal Scrub or Charcoal Bar Soap. These can be used in addition to the 2-in-1 or stand on their own for use anywhere on his body (think bacne). The activated charcoal absorbs impurities to detoxify skin without over-drying it making it ideal for oily or combination skin. Gentle enough for daily exfoliation, but tough enough to keep toxins out, this all-natural cleanser will help him stay ahead of sweat’s skin-sabotage.

After all that cleansing and moisturizing, he should then be reaching for our Natural Deodorants. You can read up on the differences between the two here and if he’s new to an all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant, then you’ll both want to know what to expect.

If he’s successfully tackling his fitness routine or just generally moving around in this world as a teenage boy, then you’ll also want to make Prep U Active Dry Powder a familiar friend in his hygiene routine. Here’s the thing about this miracle elixir: it absorbs moisture from all his sweaty parts and sensitive spots. The point? No more irritation or odor. Most of the boys we know suffer from sweaty everywheres, so keeping this stuff within reach is a no-brainer. And if that weren’t enough, you can also sprinkle this stuff in his gym bag, backpack, shoes — anywhere moisture can spread odor. You’re welcome.

Teach him the lesson, give him the tools, then let the boy do his thing. Like everything you’ve ever taught him, he needs to practice it on his own to get it right. His version of things may look different than yours, but as long as he’s taking steps towards a fitness and hygiene plan that is better than yesterday’s, then he’s doing all right. Progress, not perfection, right?

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