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Top 5 Picks for Guys’ Hygiene on

Top 5 Picks for Guys’ Hygiene on

Just when you think you can’t love Target more, they go and start carrying your favorite brand of guy’s hygiene products. Yep, that’s our not-so-subtle way of sharing our big news: Prep U is officially available on!

Now when you’re filling up your Target cart for at-home delivery, you can easily toss in your favorite Prep U products with the rest of your essentials.

Since it’s damn near impossible to only get the “essentials” from Target (who among us has ever actually stuck to the shopping list when confronted by that bullseye?), we thought we’d share a few of our favorite hygiene products for boys and men also available on Not only will this list help make free shipping imminent, but it’ll keep your guy hygiene on point.

Prep U Charcoal Scrub at

Item #1: Body

With nine of our best products lining Target’s interweb shelves, Prep U is easier than ever to work into your daily routine. All-natural and effective, we’ve got something to keep every inch of you clean. Though we love all of our children equally, we do have a few faves we really think you need to try first:
Prep U Blem Pen
Prep U Natural Deodorant
Prep U Charcoal Face + Body Scrub

Goodfellow Razor Prep U Blog

Image Source:

Item #2: Facial Hair

Maybe you’re just starting to see your whiskers settle in or you’re a facial-hair vet. Either way, we like the no-fuss simplicity and chemical-free formulas of the Goodfellow & Co™ line of razors and shave creams. Straightforward shaves at a fair price, your mane will thank you.

Everyman Jack Face Lotion Review | The Prepster

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Item #3: Skin

Once you’ve cleansed and groomed, your skin is begging for a moisturizer. An all-natural, lightweight option like Every Man Jack not only quenches your skin’s thirst, but it also improves skin’s appearance while keeping oils from shining through. This is what we call a no-brainer, guys.

Sun Bum Hair Paste Best of | The Prepster

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Item #4: Hair

Whether you’re relatively low maintenance in the hair department or have a signature style, we’re into Sun Bum’s Texturizing Surf Paste Styling Product. Not only is it part of Target’s exclusive Clean line thanks to its all-natural ingredients, but it also delivers on that cool, carefree surfer look without actually having to face the waves.

Oral B Toothbrush Best of | The Prepster

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Item #5: Teeth

You can’t master a hygiene routine without taking special care of those pearly whites. For this, you gotta ditch the manual and upgrade to a power brush…like, now. Knowing how overwhelming that selection can be, not to mention how easily you can break the bank, allow us to suggest the effective, yet affordable Oral-B® Pro Crossaction 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, we’re pretty pumped to be part of the Target family and can’t wait to show up in your virtual cart with some of these other great hygiene must-haves.

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