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Back-to-Actual-School Hygiene | Teen Hygiene

Back-to-Actual-School Hygiene

Typically, getting ready to head back to school can feel pretty routine: new duds, new supplies, new teachers, old habits. But, as you’re painfully aware, nothing has been typical about this year’s back-to-school prep. Heck, we’re betting you’d love the chance to get back to some of those headache-inducing rituals that used to exhaust school nights and aggravate school mornings. Well, break out the Tylenol and bring on the short fuses because for some of you, back-to-actual-school is back! 

How do we keep him healthy and hygienic for his new classroom situation?

While schedules are still a far cry from “typical”, some schools have reopened giving your son the chance to rejoin society which leads us to why we’re all here: how do we keep him healthy and hygienic for his new classroom situation?

Whether he’s attending school, sports or activities regularly or restricted to a few days a week, getting his hygiene school-ready has never been more important. With some daily commitment and these handy cliff notes, we’ll get his back-to-hygiene on.


Get an A+ in Mask-Wearing

They’re annoying, they’re ill-fitting, they’re detrimental to dating life. Oh, and they’re critical. Let’s not blur hygiene and political lines here, let’s instead suit him up for his best shot at staying well. Arm him with masks that are both washable and disposable (disposable masks are great for sweaty practices) then put one in his car, his gym bag, his locker, his lunchbox—anywhere a teenage boy might find himself searching for one.


Prep for Civilization

It may have been a while since he’s interacted with his own species in person for more than a few hours, so now is a good time for a hygiene refresher course. Since boys are notorious for lacking hygiene, the goal here is simple: keep his skin clear and his body smelling fresh to prevent his own personal quarantine. It starts with understanding why personal hygiene is so important and then establishing a solid hygiene protocol that will stay with him long after this school year is over.

To get him going, we’ve compiled some key Prep U products for daily use both in and out of the shower. Think of it as your cliff notes to an all-natural, worry-free start to the back-to-hygiene agenda:

Make Hand-Washing an Extra Curricular Activity

Real talk: he’s been grabbing his privates and forgetting to wash since he learned to use the potty, so this is one battle that can’t be blamed on COVID. We’ve made the case for Castille soap and while we prefer it to hand sanitizer for its all-natural efficacy, we get that walking around with a bar of soap in his backpack may not earn him cool points. So, between some travel-size sanitizer and the actual soap and water provided in school bathrooms, we’re hoping he can finally learn to wash regularly and effectively (20 seconds minimum, people). 

Look, none of this is easy and we get that as parents you’ve got far too much on your plate already, but these crazy times can also be an opportunity to teach him about the importance of owning his personal hygiene. By using the right products (all-natural) at the right time (from morning to night), this lesson in hygiene maintenance will last long after this school year ends.

For more support on how to help manage his hygiene routine and overall wellness now and beyond, check out our blog, The Prepster.

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