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Body Spray? I’m all in | Teen Body Care - Prep U Products

Body Spray? I’m all in

Noah Schreiner  |  Ambassador


Through my own curiosity, trial and error, I’ve settled on a position. I’m definitely pro body spray.

When you say “Body Spray”, the words themselves conjure up images of sex-themed tv commercials my mom hates and the guy 20 lockers down the hall that smells like he’s only 2 away. What I’ve learned though is that Prep U’s body spray is a critical part of my daily routine that I put up there with brushing teeth and applying deodorant. The logical questions abound like; I showered today, why use it?  What’s the point anyway? Well, through my own curiosity, trial and error, I’ve settled on a position. I’m definitely pro body spray. 

Let’s first talk about why I use it.

First off, I’m active and an athlete where my focus is on my game, my friends and my family. When it comes to thinking about subtle things like how I may smell at any moment, I admit, it used to not occupy too much brain space. I do not like, want or need cologne or something that smells like my down-the-hall-but-kinda-nextdoor locker neighbor.  However, I now have many instances throughout the day where I use it. I spray my chest post-shower after I dry off. The light, fresh scent not only smells good, but it’s also not invasive to my nose or others. Also, I sometimes grab a bite to eat with my friends or family after soccer practice. After I towel off and put on my dry clothes from school that day, I’ll give myself a quick spray before meeting up with them. 


A Multi-tasker

Besides the typical uses, there’s a couple other great things about this product. First and unlike many of the other more potent sprays out there, Prep U’s body spray  is made with all natural ingredients; no chemicals. I don’t know about you, but the more I learn about what many of the products we use contain and the possible long term effects, the more I look for products that won’t poison me.  Just my personal preference. Next, the body spray can be used in more places than your body. I use it in my car to take out lingering smells, I’ll spray it in my closet to mask the odors emanating from my shoes and I’ll even spray it in various rooms in my house. 

All that being said, I’m a convert. I didn’t see the point prior to discovering Prep U and now I’m all in. I’ve learned that part of feeling my best is the confidence I get from knowing I can play offense on my day yet not be offensive.  

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