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Why Face Care Matters for Guys

If you’re the parent of a tween or teen-aged guy, then you know, all too well, how important it is for them to practice good personal hygiene. By now, the responsibility should be less on you and more on them to properly manage their hygiene and understand what can happen if they don’t.
One of those pitfalls can be poor face care. While a daily, full-body regimen is critical, keeping his face clean and skin healthy is almost a task unto itself.  During such a self-conscious time in his life, clear skin can make a big difference in the self-image department. And while many teens suffer from breakouts for reasons beyond a proper face-care routine, many can benefit from the basics.  

Does good facial hygiene really matter?

To convince him that good face care is critical, it might be worth using a good ol’ fashion fear tactic: “Not interested in washing your face every day? No problem. As long as you’re good with these things possibly happening”: 

  • Acne or breakouts (by far, the best parental argument there is)
  • Redness or other irritation caused by dirt and poor hydration
  • Bacterial or viral skin infections
  • Dry, itchy skin (see #2)
  • Clogged pores (see #1)
  • Wrinkles (while true, this may seem too implausible to his youthful mind to actually be convincing)

Hopefully, at this point in the conversation, something on that list caught his attention and though he’ll never admit it, he’s actually listening. 


Ok fine, it matters. What are the perks of proper face care?

Aside from it becoming another way for him to respectably enter adulthood without mommy or daddy still holding his hand, practicing proper facial hygiene is actually important for his health. But since that will probably induce an eye roll, try something simpler…and more superficial.

With proper face care comes clear skin. With clear skin comes self-confidence. With self-confidence comes an uptick in social standing which leads to an actual social life. Of course, being kind, having good manners and treating others with respect are all far more critical in the scheme of things, but we find that utterly superficial logic really rings true at this age. Whatever approach you choose to take, parents, be sure to mention these key points when arguing pro-face:

1. Removes dirt build-up and impurities

From activities to environments to face-touching, we spend the majority of our day inviting dirt, oils, bacteria, viruses and other pollutions to hang out on our face. Washing his face with a gentle cleanser that is suited for his skin type helps remove this layer of grossness and is truly the first step in proper face care. Regardless of his level of physical activity or exposure, contaminants are on his face and need to come off, daily.

2. Improves skin hydration

Maintaining skin’s hydration keeps skin looking and feeling its best. Using a moisturizer after he’s washed ensures proper hydration and helps avoid dry skin patches, irritation and yes, wrinkles.  

3. Clears complexion

Our skin is made up of tiny oil glands called sebum that produce oil to act as a protective barrier against bacteria and pollutants. But if we fail to cleanse daily, then dirt begins to pile up on our skin and we risk clogging those oil-generating pores that help keep our skin safe and clean. Quite literally, blockage = breakouts.

Daily cleansing keeps the pores clear, helps maintain proper sebum production to continually protect skin, and the likelihood of acne much lower. So, when he tells you he’ll never need math, remind him that this is one case where one plus one does, in fact, equal two.

4. Lays groundwork for a lifetime of healthy hygiene

Teaching him the importance of proper face care today is not so unlike the early hygiene lessons you taught him as a toddler. Just like brushing his teeth or washing his hands after going potty (which we’re pretty sure he’s still struggling with), you taught him a key life skill early on so that he could master it on his own going forward. By ensuring he understands the importance of good face care now, he’ll have a better shot at dominating all things hygiene in the future.

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