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Your New Favorite Blemish Stick | Teen Natural Acne Remedy

Your New Favorite Blemish Stick

High on the list of grievances of nearly every teenager (and their parents) are blemishes. From mild skin irritations to regular complexion challenges, acne in any form can leave even the most confident of guys feeling insecure.

Sadly, the emotional fallout is only one part of this skin saga. Once you’re caught up in the drama that is your fickle complexion, you’re now left to rifle through a sea of tried-and-never-true methods of getting those outbreaks under control. So you pick your poison, literally. Will it be a face full of chemicals that may, in fact, knock out the acne, but will also surely knock out any nourishment or hydration your skin had left? Or do you prefer a more natural option whose effects produce little more than skepticism that its pricey hippity-dippity formula will actually help control these red spots? Health or money…what’ll it be?

How about neither? Or both. Enter the Prep U Blem Pen.

When we say that our Blem Pen is the best of both worlds, what we mean is you no longer have to choose between a blemish stick full of chemicals or one full of fluff. All you have to do is choose better. Here’s everything you need to know about our all-natural solution for saving time, money and, most of all, face.

What is the Prep U Blem Pen?

An all-natural antiseptic that helps prevent skin irritations from becoming full-blown blemishes.

What’s an antiseptic?

It’s any substance that prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms that can cause skin infection or irritation. Think hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol—common over-the-counter antiseptics you likely already use to treat cuts, burns and other skin wounds. 

What’s in the Blem Pen?

Glad you asked. The Blem Pen is formulated with plant-based, skin-soothing ingredients like aloe, tea tree oil, grapefruit, and coriander. Add to that some Witch Hazel, and we’ve created quite the secret sauce. The medicinal Witch Hazel plant delivers a medicine-cabinet full of blemish-fighting benefits like reducing inflammation, skin irritation and powerful antioxidants that can protect your skin against damage.

So right about now you may be thinking, “if Witch Hazel is so naturally powerful, why don’t I just submerge my skin in that every day?” That would be a hard no. Even though Witch Hazel is a plant and safe to use topically, it can still be harsh when applied to skin alone, especially for those with dry or sensitive skin. When used in combination with the other safe ingredients in Blem Pen, like the tea tree (heals skin), coriander (detoxifies), grapefruit (antioxidant), and aloe (moisturizes), Witch Hazel works more gently to heal skin and improve appearance.

How does the Blem Pen work?

It couldn’t be easier. Portable, discreet and mess-free, every Blem Pen delivers its skin-healing remedy with a roller. The second you see or feel a blemish starting to form, roll over it with the Blem Pen. You can apply throughout the day and keep applying until that spot is tamed. Use it on your face, neck, chest—anywhere zits start to appear. No more popping, squeezing or pleading with your complexion. Just simple, clean, blemish-fighting power in every roll.

Dive deeper into our blemish-fighting formula here and start treating problem complexions today.

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