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5 Tips to Tackle Maskne

Thank you, COVID-19, for yet another indication of your intrusion: maskne. An unwelcome byproduct of our newest must-have accessory, maskne, or mask-related acne, is feeling like the new “text neck”. We may not have seen this coming, but it’s here and so is help. It’s time to unmask the truth about maskne.

Whether you’re obligated to wear a mask for the majority of the day or only have to slip one on as needed, you may have noticed more blemishes popping up around your mouth, nose or chin (or all of the above) than what you’re typically prone to. If your hygiene routine hasn’t changed and you haven’t noticed a sudden increase in blemishes anywhere else on your body, odds are you’re dealing with maskne.

As you know, when wearing a mask, the hot air caused by breathing and talking has nowhere to go. This warm, trapped airflow essentially becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. This, combined with the friction from your mask, can become a haven for acne and other skin conditions, according to Cleveland Clinic.

Ok, that’s the bad news. The good news is that there are some easy ways to keep maskne from adding to your COVID stress.


Prep U French Green Clay Scrub

Tip #1: Cleanse.

Like ordinary breakout situations, keeping the area clean is key. Using a daily face wash like Prep U Face & Body Scrub to draw out impurities will help keep blemishes from taking over. Wash morning and night to help remove excess oils without overdrying your skin. The newest additions to our face wash family, French Green Clay Face & Body Scrub and Daily Face Wash, are also effective, yet gentle ways to help skin of all types protect against maskne.

Tip #2: Moisturize.

Moisturizing your skin after washing not only keeps skin hydrated and healthy, but it also acts like a barrier between your skin and the mask. We suggest an all-natural, fragrance-free moisturizer to keep skin as pure and soft as possible.

 Prep U Blem Pen

Tip #3: Treat.

If maskne has already started to take hold (or any blemishes, for that matter), you’re going to want to keep our Blem Pen handy. Combining Witch Hazel with skin-soothing essential oils, our roll-on antiseptic helps reduce inflammation and the appearance of blemishes before they become full-blown breakouts. Apply it as often as needed to your face, chest or anywhere blemishes start to appear. Learn more about our blemish stick  here

Tip #4: Don’t touch.

Whether you’re admiring your squeaky-clean skin or noticing a new zit popping up, stop touching your face. Not only do the oils on your fingers just make maskne matters worse, but you’re also helping to spread the very germs we’re aiming to oppress by wearing the masks in the first place.


Tab n Shift favorite mask

Instagram Photo Credit: @TabnShift 

Tip #5: Mask right.

Even though it can be blamed for maskne, wearing a mask is still the best choice when it comes to helping prevent the spread of COVID. The key? Choosing the right mask with the right fabric. A soft, tight-weave fabric that can be washed regularly is your best bet for keeping both germs and maskne at bay. When you do wash your mask, be sure to use a fragrance-free detergent so you don’t irritate your skin further. We’re obsessed with the masks from Tab N Shift. They check all the boxes and deliver awesome designs to boot.

While maskne is a small price to pay for keeping yourself and others safe during COVID, it doesn’t have to obstruct that moneymaker any more than your mask already is. 

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