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Teen Self-Care Schedule: Evening Rundown in 5 Steps | Prep U

Self-Care Schedule: Evening Rundown in 5 Steps

When life gets back to “normal”

We’ve made it to the third and final part of self-care series dedicated to navigating the uncertainty, insanity and hygiene calamity that is COVID-19. Created to help him prioritize both his physical and mental wellbeing during this time, each post in our three-part series offers tips and tools to tackle the three parts of day: morning, afternoon and now, evening.
Since many teenage boys already struggle with developing and maintaining a strong self-care routine without a pandemic complicating their world, we thought they could use a little extra help during this structureless time. We don’t expect perfection, nor should you, but if he can build a handful of healthy habits into his daily routine now, he’ll be sittin’ pretty when life gets back to “normal”.

1. Mealtime Matters

Dinner. The final chance to get healthy, nutrition-dense foods into his system to help his body rebuild overnight. At this age, his eating habits are likely dependent upon your eating habits, so you still wield some power to prepare meals that combine healthy fats, lean proteins and vitamin-rich vegetables. Why? Because that combination is what clear skin, low stress, clean gut, and strong immunity are made of.
Since it’s not entirely fair that you still have to do the heavy lifting in the meal department despite our best efforts to make him self-sufficient, we’re turning to food delivery. With so many food subscription services out there, we’re big fans of anything easy, fast, budget-friendly and, of course, healthy. Check out some of our favs and choose based on your priorities: Freshly (easy); Snap Kitchen (fast); Dinnerly (affordability); Green Chef (healthy).


Photo Credit | SnapKitchen Instagram @SnapKitchen

2. Cool Down

Now that he’s properly fueled, a light calorie-burner before bed is a great way to actually help him sleep better. We’re talking a short bike ride, jog or strength workout. Many of his favorite sports brands offer free workouts on their social outlets or there are endless, free options wherever you get your apps to find a fitness app that’s right for his interests. We like Zombies, Run! and SworkIt best for teens and kids.

Photo Credit | Zombies Run

3. Social Hour

No, that’s not a typo. Even in the midst of mandated social-distancing, spending time socializing is paramount to his emotional wellbeing. We’re certainly not suggesting dropping him off at the mall or in the middle of a crowd, but some quality family time might really keep his mood positive when we’re all at a much higher risk for some darker days.
Some simple, but potentially impactful ideas: a backyard BBQ 2-3 nights a week and let your son be in charge of a side or particular recipe; making or restoring something like cornhole boards, a piece of furniture—anything that gets him using his mind and muscle differently; or a nightly family bike ride or walk with a strict no-phones rule. As parents, we’re often complaining about how their heads are buried in their phones and their friends take precedent, but this virus is actually giving us a chance to hang out, whether he likes it or not. So, let’s make the most of it.

4. Listen Up

#Netflixandchill has taken on new meaning since the pandemic began and thank goodness for that. While there’s nothing wrong with streaming his favorite show before bedtime (but not too close to bedtime thanks to that temperamental melatonin hormone), why not encourage him to listen his way to some down time?
Audio books and podcasts are great alternatives to watching a show. They require less screen time (which means less blue light emissions for better sleep), cover literally every topic imaginable (whatever he’s into, there’s a podcast for that), and are mostly free (no monthly charge for you, mom and dad). From Stitcher to Tune In, there are hundreds of programs at his fingertips. Hey, he might like it so much that he’ll decide to host his own podcast which he can also do for free with services like buzzsprout and Podbean.


Prep U | Charcoal Face + Body Scrub

5. Keep Calm & Soak

Before he turns in, be sure he’s hitting all the right hygiene notes. Instead of another shower (assuming he actually took one that morning), recommend a quiet bath using Prep U Sport Soak Not only does it introduce him to a different form of self-care, but it encourages a better night sleep, and eases any soreness he may have using essential oils and Epsom salt. This might even be the perfect place to incorporate a new book or show from #4. And while he’s soaking, be sure he has Prep U Charcoal Face & Body Scrub within reach to detoxify and exfoliate skin so it remains oil-free. Finally, he should be brushing, flossing and rinsing, too, so that key oral health habits are learned early and often.

Everyone is adapting to this new arrangement we’ve made with the world, but our kids may need just a bit more encouragement and guidance to build healthy, lasting self-care habits, even if they act like your mere presence is offensive. Offer them these morning, afternoon and evening tips to get them on the right track and who knows, one just might stick.



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