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Self-Care Schedule: Morning Moves in 5 Steps | Prep U

Self-Care Schedule: Morning Moves in 5 Steps

Building a better morning routine

Though the haze is still thick, we’re slowly beginning to emerge from the fog that COVID-19 created. For most, re-entering society will require some big changes: showering daily, wearing something other than sweats, and engaging in some form of a routine that will get us back to feeling normal-ish. 

Though we’ll all be navigating this coronavirus hangover differently, teenage guys may have it particularly rough. After all, they’re not so great at hygiene routines when there’s not a pandemic happening, so how can we possibly expect them to buck up when they’ve been all but encouraged to slack off for the past three months? Fear not, help is here. 

The first in a series of posts designed to help him create a daily self-care schedule, we’ve compiled key steps to help him build a better morning routine that both support his hygiene and de-stresses you. Stay tuned for the afternoon and evening lists to come.


1. Water Works

It all starts with a shower…daily. Sounds crazy, we know. We saved our share of water, too, during this shelter-in-place period. But now it’s time to get back to routine and stop ignoring his oily, smelly self. When the water hits, make sure he’s armed with his all-natural arsenal of total body care: PrepU 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash and Charcoal Face & Body Scrub. Check out our full shower collection here.

Prep U | Body Wash


2. Dry Rub

Soap and water were a heckuva start. Let’s keep the momentum building with some of our favorite dry players: PrepU Natural Deodorant and Active Dry Powder. We’re guessing he let those pits get a bit too ripe over the past few months and well, at least you saved money not having to replenish his cologne, but it’s time to stop offending anyone within six feet with our natural deodorant. Plus, our Active Dry Powder helps absorb any excess moisture he may have overlooked when toweling off, so he won’t have to worry about chafing or irritation popping up. The best part? With no chemicals or toxins to speak of, he can reapply these products as needed to help ward off his quarantine stank.

3. Mouthing Off

We’re going to hold out hope that he hasn’t slacked off on the twice-a-day brushing ritual, but should he need some help in the oral care department, we’ve got some friends that would be happy to step up: RADIUS. They pretty much have the coolest and eco-friendly toothbrushes on the market. They also have USDA Organic Toothpastes like Matcha Mint and Dragonfruit that are not only organic, but also free from nasty ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  These additions will do wonders for his kisser.


Photo Credit | Radius Instagram @Radius_USA

4. Hairy Situation

It’s fair to say we all have a renewed appreciation for stylists after experiencing life without them. Whether he’s been able to access his stylist again or not, he can likely use some help from some all-natural styling products to help out that unkempt mane.

5. Supplemental Factor

You do your best to make sure your son eats right, but he could probably use a little extra nutritional help for his growing bod. Why not add a natural multivitamin to his hygiene routine each morning? We’re big fans of sugar-free NATURELO Whole Food Multivitamins for Teens, which is made from real fruits and veggies for that whole food nutrition he needs to start his day on the right track. 

Photo Credit |  Naturelo Instagram @naturelosupplements


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