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Lacrosse Lumber: Hygiene Tips for the LAX Rat | Prep U Products

Lacrosse Lumber: Hygiene Tips for the LAX Rat

Helmets, gloves, cleats. It may not look all that cumbersome, but lacrosse players have just enough gear to make them ripe for a hygiene slashing. We’ve got everything to Prep U for a hygiene-healthy season.

Prep U | Lacrosse Stink

Body Check

If that helmet stench is any indication, your hair probably needs a fast break to the showers the second you leave the field. Loaded with amino acids to boost hydration, texture and appearance, PrepU 2-In-1 Hair + Body Wash is a quick and efficient player in the hygiene routine. Working as well on skin as it does on hair, this duo will keep even the laziest of LAX-ers fresh and clean. 

Face Off

Your head isn’t the only thing taking a beating from that helmet. Cleaning and clarifying your mug after a sweaty practice or game is a critical step in your hygiene regimen. Our Charcoal Face & Body Scrub combines activated charcoal with all-natural ingredients to gently detoxify and exfoliate skin without over drying. And just like the name says, you can use it anywhere acne might appear, like your face, back, chest or arms, no matter what your skin type.

Attack Area

Dominating on the field requires soaking it up in the tub. Easing aches and pains, Prep U Sport Soak gets your body ready to get after it again tomorrow. Combining Epsom salt and essential oils, this calming elixir will keep you game-ready.


Prep U | Sport Soak

Clean eating + clean hygiene = victory. 


Crosse Check

That stick might as well be glued to those gloves, which means there’s a whole other game going on inside there. From sweaty gloves to helmets, cleats, gym bags, crotches—anywhere moisture gets trapped and generates odor, chaffing or irritation—there’s our Active Dry Powder. Keep one in your locker and one in your bathroom to keep sweat and stank from slowing you down.

We know you’re crushing it on the field, but that doesn’t mean the field has to crush you. Taking care of your hygiene is taking care of your health and both need to become part of your daily practice and game-day routines. Start with our JV roster, the Prep U Sets, to get your better-hygiene health going. Add some star players like Prep U Natural or Charcoal Deodorant and start playing like a pro.


Bhoomi Instagram

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When it comes to nutrition, work to get a healthy fat, lean protein and vegetable into every meal while hydrating like a beast. You’re sweating out electrolytes faster than you can chug, so having quality hydration always within reach is key. Bhoomi has one of the best hydration games in town. Chock full of electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and phytonutrients, this cold-pressed cane water keeps you hydrated while sustaining energy. That’s what we like to call baller. Oh, and did we mention how important hydration is for skincare? Clean eating + clean hygiene = victory. 

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