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Teen Self-Care Schedule: Afternoon Boost in 5 Steps | Prep U

Self-Care Schedule: Afternoon Boost in 5 Steps

Zero in on afternoon routines

In the second part of our three-part self-care series, we zero in on your son’s afternoon routine. Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve all had to learn how to operate in a less structured, more confusing space. With so many of us homebound, staying on top of our hygiene and overall fitness has been challenging. After all, if you don’t have to shower or get out of your sweats, why would you? We get it.

Given that most tween or teenage boys are still figuring out how to manage their own self-care routine in general, let alone in the age of COVID, we figured it only right to give him (and you) some added support. We started with five morning-time tips, and now, we’re keeping the momentum going with five afternoon pick-me-ups. Whether he’s already taken to those morning steps or is still dawdling around the house in a morning haze by lunchtime, it’s never too late to get his routine on track.

Prep U | Deodorant Application

1. Pit Stop

If he’s using an all-natural deodorant that’s free of aluminum, parabens and other toxins like our Prep U Natural or Charcoal Deodorant then by noonish, it might be time to reapply depending on how active his morning has been. Reapplication of natural deodorants is totally normal and completely safe. Without all the chemicals of a traditional antiperspirant, he can reapply as needed.

2. Meal Prep

Seems like we shouldn’t have to mention it, but now would be a good time for a healthy lunch to either get him moving or keep him going until dinner time. Especially if he’s an athlete or always on-the-move, he should be opting for a lunch full of whole foods (vegetables and low-sugar fruits), healthy fats and lean proteins. Meal Prep On Fleek is a great site that can give you and your teen tips for nutrition-dense meals, or when stubbornness creeps in and the likelihood of him eating a full plate of responsibility seems unlikely, a sugar-free (or low sugar), high-fiber snack bar like Kate’s Real Food Bars is a great alternative.


Photo Credit | Kate's Real Food Instagram @kates_real_food


3. Dribble UP

With the fate of sports still hanging in the balance thanks to coronavirus, Dribble Up is a great way to combine what might be his two favorite things: his phone and sports. This “smart” ball connects to his phone to refine his skills in soccer, basketball and overall fitness. It creates goals and provides coaching without any of the yelling or extra laps.


4. Get Moving

Whether he’s going all in with a smart ball or simply committed to burning some extra calories, there are plenty of brands (Under Armour, Nike) and fitness apps (FitOn, Down Dog) offering free workouts during this stay-at-home phase. Whatever activity he does, just remember that our Active Dry Powder helps keep moisture and odors at bay in all his private regions and public forums, like shoes, gym bags, etc.


5. Read On

Not every boy is a jock or interested in scheduling workouts when his coach can’t make him. For the sons who prefer a little down time and value their alone time, there’s Goodreads. Free, personalized and full of recommendations, Goodreads is guilt-free screen time every parent can get behind and any boy can appreciate.

With our stay-at-home lives extended for the near term, giving him the tools to practice good hygiene and self-care really is critical. Though they often rebel, kids and teens really do benefit from boundaries and there’s no better way to prove their independence than by taking hold of their daily routines. Be sure to check out our morning tips to help get him going, and check back for our evening tips.



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