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10 Ways To Use Our All-Natural Body Spray

10 Ways To Use Our All-Natural Body Spray


Let’s face it, stink knows no boundaries. What starts out as a healthy sweat can quickly become a trail of destruction, tainting every patch of fabric, carpet and surface it contacts. It’s a fact we, as parents of boys, have come to accept. But, despite our role as the underdog in this perpetual battle against the smells of boyhood, there is still hope for the olfactory well-being of the family, home and surrounding areas (neighbors rejoice).

Despite having “Body” in it’s name, our all-natural Body Spray has the moxie to take on smells of any variety or venue. Here are a few of our favorite ways to put the smackdown on smells.


No. 1: Room Freshener

Sometimes you either can't identify the source of bad smells or it's broken containment to take over large areas or entire rooms. Never fear, a few blasts of our Body Spray can help shift the balance and neutralize wretched odors.


No. 2: Shoes

Where the rubber hits the road, there's bound to be bad odors. Our Body Spray may be all-natural, but Mother Nature is packing some heat in this instance to tame the combination of dirt, sweat and dark spaces that make shoes the epicenter of smell for many boys. 


No. 3: Cars

Hey, here's a great idea. Let's take that sweaty, dirty kid, all his bags, gear and accessories, hand him some food and drinks and shake it all up in a confined space filled with hard to reach crevices. It's a wonder we don't have to drive around with the windows down by default. But, with a couple of spritzes of Body Spray, you can get your ride back to a refreshed state.


No. 4: Gym Bags/Bookbags

Speaking of bags, gear and accessories, prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to difficult smells. Hit them with our Body Spray before they enter your car, house or garage to help prevent bigger stinks from starting. 


No. 5: Clothing

It happens. You either don't have the time or the clean laundry for a full costume change, but you're catching whiff of something you'd rather not. No worries. Create a distraction, hit your offspring with couple of discrete sprays in the offending area, pretend like nothing happened. What? I didn't hear anything.  


No. 6: Closets & Drawers

We would like to believe there's a world out there where only clean clothes and linens are unceremoniously crammed into closets and drawers, but we're not holding out breath – except when we have to. A few pumps of Body Spray can do wonders, or, for an alternative method, soak cotton balls and place them in the offending area to dry.


No. 7: Hair Spritz

For the boys who turn any activity into a contact sport, a sweat soaked mop of hair can quickly become an odor issue for everyone else. While tough on smells, our Body Spray is gentle on skin and hair, so you can use it without worry that it will dry out or damage their perfect coif.


No. 8: Carpets & Rugs

Once odors are ground into your carpeting or rugs, it's tough sledding to get the back to neutral let alone pleasant. You could buy a steam vac and put rug cleaners on subscription, or you can try a refreshing blast of essential oils to reclaim the upper hand.


No. 9: Linens & Bedding

Sheets are easy enough to change, but getting a comforter through the wash and dry cycle is not only a pain, but also puts your washer and dryer out of commission for the barrage of daily laundry that needs prompt attention before it too becomes an smell-factory. Our Body Spray can prolong the periods of satisfactory smell without damaging or staining fabric.


No. 10: A Not So Subtle Hint

Last, but not least, the appearance of a bottle of our Body Spray can also be used to let boys know that the time has come for them to take ownership of their body odor. The alternative? Follow them around for the next 5-10 years trying to erase whatever smells they leave in their wake. No. Thanks.


Information on this site is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Any information on this site is not intended to make claims to any unique individual and/or experience.  

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