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10 Active Dry Powder Do's and Don'ts

  • 2 min read

From keeping your car smelling fresh to dry shampoo, Prep U's Active Dry Powder is a jack of all trades product that is sure to be helpful during a variety of activities.After talking to our Preseason testers, we found out there are a lot of ways to use the Active Dry powder. Here are a few that we thought were particularly smart and a few opportunities to learn from others’ mistakes.

  1. Do: Sprinkle gingerly into the front or back of pants (paying careful attention to the direction and force with which you squeeze)
  2. Don’t: Use Prep U active dry powder on open wounds or as the basis for an anti-home invasion boobie trap
  3. Do: Keep Prep U active dry powder in a safe (and preferably high) place, out of the reach of those under the age of 8
  4. Don’t: Use on cakes, pies or pastries for decoration nor flavor enhancement (we know it smells great)
  5. Do: Sprinkle in your gym bag, diaper bag, yoga bag or man purse to make it smell better.
  6. Don’t: Use on your pet. Our products are certified Cruelty-Free and we do not vouch for nor recommend use on non-humans.
  7. Do: Apply liberally during a heat wave. We have received lots of positive feedback for the cooling sensation and anti-chafe magic when applied liberally to ‘the boys’
  8. Don’t: Transfer our powder to an alternate container to unless absolutely necessary, lest it be mistaken for poison or illegal substances.
  9. Do: Use in smelly sneakers, sports pads/equipments and in cars. Arrowroot is a natural odor and moisture absorbent.
  10. Don’t: Forget to purchase an extra powder (or two) for the sweaty dad, grandpa or nephew in your life!