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Do You Know What Goes Into Your Son’s Grooming Products?

Do You Know What Goes Into Your Son’s Grooming Products?


We all know the phrase “you are what you eat.” Which is why a lot of us reach for healthy, natural ingredients to put inside of our bodies. It’s widely accepted that organic food is better for you, but your skin is actually the largest organ in your entire body – so it’s also important to know what’s going into the creams and serums you slather onto your body and face. For any conscientious mom out there, it’s doubly important when it comes to your kid’s hygiene and grooming products.

So, do you know what goes into your son’s skincare products?

For instance, many antiperspirants contain some form of aluminum compounds and other carcinogens, which can be linked to cancer. Many people think that natural deodorants don’t work as well because they don’t stop sweat. But, in reality it’s the bacteria under your son’s armpits that cause him to smell. So, you don’t want to stop him from sweating – that’s natural! You just want to stop the smell, which is why our natural deodorants don’t have any harmful chemicals.

In addition, other chemicals, including phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and oxybenzone, have been shown to interfere with the hormones in animals during medical trials. These ingredients are found in sunscreen, soaps, cosmetics, and other skincare products. If they can adversely affect hormones in test animals, imagine what they can do to a pre-teen/teen boy (or girl), who are being ravaged by hormones during puberty. Perhaps it’s no surprise that teen girls try to grow up faster as their bodies change – it’s suggested they actually use more personal care, cosmetic and beauty products than an adult woman. But with a different set of hormones at this critical stage of development, girls should steer clear of chemicals in cosmetics to reduce hormone disruption. Think boys don’t have similar hormonal change pulsing through their bodies? Of course they do. So it makes sense to keep a careful watch over your son’s products to avoid interference with their endocrine system as well.

Besides the overall nasty chemicals found in many skincare products, plenty of frustrated moms and dads simply give their children whatever products they’re using, which can be way too harsh for growing bodies. It’s important that tweens use products geared towards them, so that their skin and bodies aren’t overpowered and irritated.

So, when it comes to your son’s new hygiene routine, look for simple ingredients – if you can pronounce it and know what it is, that’s a great start! From deodorants to body washes to dry powder to sport soaks and more, all Prep U products contain just the good stuff. Naturally found compounds have been used for centuries, just like you’ll find in our line of activated charcoal products. So, you can rest easy knowing your child isn’t being exposed to harsh chemicals on the way to smelling and feeling great.


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