Help Your Son Detox to a Natural Deodorant

  • 2 min read

Whether your kid is just making the change from antiperspirant to anatural deodorant or deciding to care about his personal hygiene for the very first time in his young life, there will definitely be some growing pains (pun intended). Often people who switch to natural products, likebody wash or deodorant, can get frustrated easily, not knowing there is a detox period, especially with switching from antiperspirants.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as your son starts his journey intonatural personal hygiene products – and how to make the transition easier.

Go slow.

If he has the patience (haha, yeah right!), have your son dip his toes in the water a little bit before going the whole hog with a new natural regimen. Try one product at a time instead of switching all at once.

He will sweat more.

We know it sucks, but it’s true. We hear it from moms all the time who are frustrated about the switch. While he’s detoxing, he’ll likely sweat more...for a while. He’ll also probably stink a little bit more too. The good news is that it’s only temporary.

He might, weirdly, have some sensitivity.

Some people experience tenderness as the body flushes out all those nasty toxins and bacteria. This too shall pass.

Wear natural fibers--especially if he’s an athlete.

Jerseys are super synthetic, so if he can wear organic clothing and fibers, it’ll help to keep his body from sweating so much in the first place.

Yup, you are what you eat.

Diet and dehydration can also contribute to extra funk. So, in our experience, if he eats super healthy and consumes a TON of water it can help with the detox period.

Dry those pits.

Make sure he towels off extremely well after shower or baths – which he’s taking every day, right?! We want to keep wetness and bacteria at bay.

Try a probiotic.

It can also help promote a balanced system and body pH, which helps clear up any gunk. Either feed him yogurt or have him start taking a probiotic gummy or pill every day. Hey, it’s also good for his gut!


We wish we could tell you how long the detox will last, but it’s different for every person. Stick with it. The change is good, and important! We will all get through it together.


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