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When Should Boys Start Wearing Deodorant?

When Should Boys Start Wearing Deodorant?

You know the smell. You may not be ready for it, but it’s ready for you. It’s B-O and it’s coming from your B-O-Y. It’s time to confront it…and his strong body odor. Your son needs deodorant.

At this point, you’re probably wondering at what age should kids start wearing deodorant. There is no “right” age that boys start wearing deodorant, only the age of your son when he starts to stink up the laundry basket. He may be just entering his teenage years or even as young as 7 or 8 experiencing “precocious puberty” (which is a thing and more common than you think). Whatever age boys start using deodorant it's entirely up to you (and your tolerance of stinky boy), as well as your son’s personal biology. Your son might be ready for deodorant before you think he needs it, but if he wants to get a jump start on good hygiene, more power to him!


Body odor is a common sign that puberty has begun.

As all of his hormones start to shift into high gear, so can the production of sweat glands. His newfound perspiration is usually an indication of normal body changes and the start of your search for the best deodorant for body odor. It’s also the clearest indication possible as to the question of when boys should start using deodorant; that and the noticeable body odor. Of course, if his sweating appears excessive you may want to consult his doctor to see if he needs a prescription deodorant, but odds are good that he’s just experiencing the first pangs of puberty.

Before you ambush him in the deodorant aisle, it’s important to discuss this topic with your son first. Remember, he is suddenly dealing with some heavy physical changes and treading lightly will get you further than suddenly giving him “the talk” in the hygiene aisle of the grocery store. So, you’ll want to prepare him. Remind him that wearing deodorant for body odor is normal, no matter how old he is, along with all the other awkward, confusing, ultra-sensitive changes he might be experiencing during this onset of puberty.  

Once you’ve prepared him (and you), it’s time to help him with the deodorant-choosing process. Hopefully, by now, you’ve answered the “At what age do we wear deodorant?” question to everyone’s satisfaction and you’re ready to start choosing brands that everyone is comfortable with. There are lots of great options out there, and plenty of not-so-great ones, too. We recommend an all-natural option like Prep U Natural Deodorant or Prep U Charcoal Deodorant to ensure he’s using an effective, safe solution. This is a perfect deodorant for kids, tween, teens and young adults. Not so sure about the difference between natural deodorant or the traditional kind? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this article.

when should boys start wearing deodorant


Plus, you’ll want to explain to him the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant so that he can know exactly what to expect. There is a difference, and an important one, especially as you’re choosing whether to go with a natural, healthy alternative. We’ve got the facts about that, too, right here.

Like all things parenting, answering the question regarding when do boys start wearing deodorant is yet another challenge you’ll learn to tackle head on. Nothing in raising a child is easy, but hopefully, choosing the best deodorant for body odor is now something you’ll never have to sweat over.



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