What Age Do Boys Start Wearing Deodorant?

Wondering at what age boys start wearing deodorant? Your son may be entering his teenage years before he needs deodorant or be as young as 7 or 8. At Prep U, we believe the right age is when he starts to stink up the laundry basket, and we have the products that can help!

Founded in Austin, Texas in December 2017, Prep U has created a line of all-natural personal care products designed specifically for active boys ages 8-17.

We are proud to have won the 2018 Eco-Excellence Award for Best Skincare for Kids. The Eco-Excellence Awards™ recognizes excellence in social and environmental sustainability for products, services, companies and websites.

Ready to take on the smells of boyhood, our mission is to empower boys with an age appropriate brand that will guide them through the transitional years between toddler and teen, while introducing personal care into their daily lives.

Onset of Puberty

Many kids start to develop body odor when they enter puberty. Some parents are surprised to find this happening before the child even hits double digits in age. But, while puberty affects different kids at different times, boys typically start the process between the ages of 9 and 14.

As his hormones shift into high gear, so may the production of sweat, which is usually the underlying cause of body odor. This is typically the clearest indicator of when your boy should begin to wear deodorant.

You may feel your child is too young. The truth is, there is no right age for a child to start wearing deodorant. Each parent and child should decide together based on what they feel is best.

About Deodorant

Deodorant gets rid of the odor of sweat by covering it up, and antiperspirants actually stop or dry up perspiration, but it’s important to read and follow the directions. Some deodorants work better if they are used at night, while others should be applied in the morning.

Prep U Natural Deodorant is designed for teen boys. Instead of using chemical agents to fight armpit odor, it uses a combination of essential oils to deal with the problem. And, because we make it with organic and wholesome natural ingredients, it will not only fight odor and wetness, but will do it while maintaining the integrity of the boy’s skin.

Prep U Charcoal Deodorant is made for sensitive skin. The addition of activated charcoal helps to draw out odor-causing bacteria and toxins. It’s also great at keeping underarms dry and odor-free without the use of aluminum, parabens, or other harmful ingredients.

An Education in Hygiene

While introducing your son to deodorant, it wouldn’t hurt to remind him of some hygiene basics that can help control odor beyond just using deodorant.

  • Bathing daily; let them choose a body wash or other product they would like to use
  • Showering after sports or other sweat-producing activities
  • Washing all body parts, including the more smell-prone armpits, genitals, and feet
  • Wearing clean clothes, underwear, and socks daily
  • Choosing loose-fitting, breathable clothing that may keep them from sweating so much
  • Watching what they eat in case something like garlic, onions, or spicy food is contributing to their body odor

Regardless of his age, introduce your boy to wearing deodorant if he sweats a lot and you can no longer tolerate the body odor! Prep U deodorants are an excellent choice. Contact us online for more information or answers to your questions.

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