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What Moms Don’t Know About Pre-Teen Boys

What Moms Don’t Know About Pre-Teen Boys

Everyone already knows that raising girls is tough, but many moms may not be aware of how difficult it can be to have a son go through puberty. It’s definitely harder than you might think! We often wish there was a manual guide to raising sons for moms. Because we didn’t go through the same trials and tribulations these boys are currently going through, it can be challenging to keep up. Hey, imagine if your husband had to talk to a girl about her period or shopping for bras! So, keep your chin up and know you’re doing a great job.

Here’s what we wish we had known before our sons hit puberty.

Boys’ brains are wired differently than girls.
Yup, totally true. You’ll have to stop expecting him to think like you would--or even how you would have at his age.

Boners are gonna happen, like, all the time.
He may even get wet dreams and think he’s wet the bed. And, yes, the whole thing will be embarrassing for both of you. Remind him that it’s natural and not a big deal but to talk to you if anything painful is going on with his penis.

Ugh, and he’s going to touch his junk a bunch.
It may feel like your son is constantly putting his hand down his pants. Just remind him there’s a time and a place to play with his nether-regions.

They’ll open up more if they have something to do while you’re talking.
Women are naturally more verbal than men, and boys like to constantly be moving around and doing something. Instead of sitting him down to have an intense talk, approach your son while he’s playing catch or something physical.

It’s gonna be weird when he starts to sprout body and facial hair.
While girls worry about when to start shaving their legs, boys will seemingly start growing a wispy mustache out of the blue. Talk to him about shaving, and make sure he is using a natural deodorant before that armpit hair starts growing.

He’s gonna stink--a lot.
Boys run around a lot, and their sweat interacts with their natural bacteria to create a stinky body. There’s gonna be a time when you’re going to have to sit your son down and tell him, gently, that he smells funky. This will be the perfect time to talk to him about his hygiene routine, too.

Sure, it may be challenging to raise a boy, especially with all the smells and mess, but they’ll (most of the time) always love their mama, so embrace the whole package!


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