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Self-Care Pro Tips:  A guide to staying on top of your game | Prep U

Self-Care Pro Tips: A guide to staying on top of your game

Sam Galyen | Brand Ambassador

Being a guy is not always easy; splitting time between school and work, trying to squeeze in a little fun whenever we can, and having to look cool the whole time!? Next thing you know, school starts kicking your butt, someone at work quits and any free time you may have had vanishes and your stress level skyrockets. Without even realizing it, you fall out of your routines. Skip a workout, go to bed too late and eat whenever and whatever suits you. Then here it comes, you start to break out, shaving becomes optional, and you think you showered yesterday, but that may have been 2 days ago...not sure. Did I put on deodorant? As your life is temporarily unwinding, what becomes very noticeable is that you’ve basically given up on taking care of yourself. That may seem ok at the time, because you can justify just about anything when you’re in that state.  However, dropping your self-care regimen while dealing with your mounting life pressures starts to chip away at your most valuable attribute; your confidence.  When you stop taking care of yourself it's easy for your confidence to drop which is never a good feeling.  In light of this, I wanted to give you some pro tips to ensure you’re always on top of it.  


Wash your face EVERY morning

Do this right when you wake up and every night before you go to bed, no exceptions, ever.  For starters you always just feel better when you feel clean.  If you think back on your day and then consider where you’ve been and what you’ve done, it should come as no surprise that the sheer volume of gross sweat, grease, and dirt that accumulates on your face.  My assumption is that you do not want to take that to bed with you.  So the smart move is to grab a face wash that removes oils and other particles from the skin. This will help to prevent acne from ruining your money maker and will do wonders for just making you feel better.

Prep U | Face preparation


So the smart move is to grab a face wash that removes oils and other particles from the skin.  


    Use shampoo to wash your hair every other day.

    This does NOT give you a free pass to avoid the shower.   You’ll want to shower daily as it will keep you alert, clean and smelling fresh.  However, it’s best if you avoid washing your hair every day.  Using shampoo on your hair too frequently will remove natural oils and leave your hair dried out and brittle.  Of course, there are exceptions; after working out, after a day of being outside when it’s been unbearably hot and humid, or perhaps if you just got a haircut.  If that’s the case, feel free to use shampoo regardless of when you last used it.  Just remember, if you have had a mellow day at school, work, or home and it’s your shampoo “off day”, feel free to skip the hair suds and rinse it out with just water. 


      Prep U | Shampoo and Body Wash

      Dry. Swipe. Change.  

      Say it with me.  Dry. Swipe. Change.  If you don’t know this mantra, it's in your best interest to commit it to memory and make it a practice.  So what is this?  Dry off.  Swipe your pits.  Change your clothes.  Trust me, I know who I’m taking to...savages….The scenario is like this; you’ve been out with friends hanging out at the beach or the lake all day, you’re bound to be pretty sweaty and perhaps a tad ripe.  Most likely, you’ll be headed to a party or a dinner afterwards and you don’t be that guy that has to go home to change.  Also, we all know (i think) we have to wear deodorant, but in the hot summer sun, there’s a time limit on those smell goods.  Keeping a clean towel, a stick of all natural deodorant and a fresh set of clothes in the car will be your shortcut to feeling and smelling fresh on the go and of course, lets your friends know that you bring your A game.  Remember..Dry. Swipe. Change.

        When we get busy, we tend to sabotage ourselves which erodes our confidence little by little. You may not see it at first, but it all starts with self-respect and knowing the small things you can do to ensure you’re always ready for the day.  Regardless of your time pressures, I hope you can adopt these time-saving tips on personal hygiene and that I’ve made it clear that it has to be a priority.



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