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Football Funk: Hygiene Help for the Gridiron | Prep U Products

Football Funk: Hygiene Help for the Gridiron

Is your football star ready to defend his hygiene against all the enemies on the field?

Helmet, pads, jock straps, cleats. Is your football star ready to defend his hygiene against all the enemies on the field? With an all-natural team to protect him from head to toe, Prep U has a player to ward off stink, skin irritations, chafing or any other offender threatening his hygiene. Below are three key plays that might help prevent his hygiene from being pummeled on and off the field.

Prep U | Foot Funk Infographic

De-Helmet Head

Fight helmet head and body odor in one coordinated move with Prep U 2-In-1 Hair + Body Wash. Packed full of amino acids to boost hydration, texture and appearance, this MVP works as well on his roots as it does his skin. And if he’s hitting the showers twice-a-day, it won’t dry him out.

Zone Coverage

We lined up our best offensive team to help keep his skin clear and clean without over-drying. From his face to his feet, our Charcoal Face & Body Scrub combine activated charcoal with all-natural ingredients to gently detoxify and exfoliate skin without overdrying. And while our aforementioned 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash works double duty to keep him fresh, our single-focused Body Wash rinses away the day’s sweat and oils to help prevent bacne, odor and other common skin opponents.

In the Trenches

When we say trenches, we’re not just talking about armpits. We’re also focused on all those dark, hidden corners that he easily forgets to clean or dry thoroughly; places that can breed bacteria, excess moisture and truly offensive smells no one knew could exist. We’ve got something for all that.

First, those pits. He’ll need our top linemen for this repeat offender: Our Natural Deodorants fight odor without toxins, but we suggest lots of reapplication, especially in humidity or during two-a-days.

Next, the crotch area. Compression shorts, sweat, humidity,  you name it, his nether region will experience it. So after he’s gone heavy on the Body Wash around all his private parts then toweled down thoroughly, our Active Dry Powder will be his best defense against excess moisture, chafing and general skin irritation down there, or anywhere. Not only does this miracle powder keep his sweatiest parts dry and comfortable, but it does wonders for eliminating odors in his cleats, pads, helmet, pads, gym bag, wherever.

Whether he’s practicing in the August heat or layered up in December, he’ll want to stay on top of his hygiene every day. Our Prep U Sets are an easy way to get him going without the guesswork. More bang for your buck and most importantly, more fresh for his funk. 


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