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Not all Sweat is Created Equal

June 25, 2019

Sweat: What, Why, & How to Deal

As temperatures start to rise, so does your son’s sweatiness. Between the smelly gym bags and never-ending laundry, you might think there are no body parts that are off-limits to this moisture attack, and you’d be mostly right. But did you know that not all sweat is the same and fortunately, not all sweat smells? It’s important to know what you’re up against, so that you can better prepare to fight off the flood.

We’re all made up of millions of sweat glands (no, your son is actually not the only person that sweats that much) triggered by heat, hormones, emotions and exercise, with the sole purpose of preventing our body from overheating. Covering our foreheads, palms, soles of our feet, armpits and even cheeks, the eccrine sweat gland produces clear, odorless moisture directly onto our skin to help expel heat. Annoying? Yes. Critical? Absolutely.

The apocrine sweat gland, however, is the not-so-subtle moisture that ultimately causes your nose to perk up. That’s because these pesky glands open up into hair follicles instead of skin, in places like our scalp, armpits and genitals. Mixing with skin’s bacteria, these hair-loving sweat glands create the perfect storm of odor, friction and general discomfort.

While biology is mostly to blame for your son’s stink, there are some helpful products and routines he can acquire to help keep him odor and moisture-free. A good natural deodorant is his first line of defense for those oh-so-smelly pits. Without toxins and chemicals, his body can ditch odor safely. Charcoal deodorants are another great option to defend against smells thanks to active bamboo charcoal that draws out the odor-causing bacteria.

For his genitals, feet, hands and even gym bag, PrepU Active Dry Powder helps him go the extra mile on preventing moisture, odor and chafing. Sprinkle it literally anywhere moisture tends to appear and not only will it help keep him dry and comfortable, but it also keeps odor at bay.

So, while you may feel like most days you live with swamp thing, rest assured, his sweaty existence is normal, necessary and manageable. Considering we’ve created an entire collection of natural products as a result of our stinky, sweaty sons, we’re betting that this too shall pass.