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Getting Back-to-School Ready | Teen Body Care Routine

Getting Back-to-School Ready

Although we wish it could, summer can’t last forever. August is here, and that means it’s back-to-school season. And, since the first day of school sets the tone for the entire year, you’ll want to get prepared in looking and feeling your best and getting your locker stocked up with essentials.

New Clothes? - Check!

With COVID easing its grip, this school year will look a lot different than last, and thankfully, in-person classes, for the most part, will resume. But, likely, you can’t ditch that mask quite yet. So if you’d like to look cool while keeping yourself and your classmates safer, we found great masks at Tab N Shift. 

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Also, nothing fuels in-person confidence like fresh gear. And, actually being in style is more important than the style of your mask. Thankfully, back-to-school sales mean that clothes shopping doesn't have to break the bank. So that you have every opportunity to look your best, check out Chubbies and Vuori for their latest sales. 

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Walking in Style

Cool shoes are just as essential as cool clothes in being back-to-school ready. Whether it’s tennis shoes like On Cloud or loafers like Sperry, shoes you're proud to wear will have you feeling like you're walking in the right direction. 


New Season, Newer Skin

After you spent all summer outdoors in the sun, your skin may need a little bit more TLC. To get your skin looking fresh for the school season, make sure to stock up on Prep U products to reveal healthier skin. 

Also, keep a Prep U Blem Pen in your locker, backpack, gym bag, or car in case a zit pops up unexpectedly. And, if you mask up this school year, you’ll need to look out for the signs of 'maskne' and knock out blemishes as soon as they form.

Look and Stay Fresh

Your locker needs to have all of the essentials, like a Blem Pen. But also, if you want to stay fresh all day long, grab two aluminum-free, natural deodorants - one for home and the other to keep in your locker for after practice or gym. While at it, keep a Prep U Talc-Free, Moisture Wicking Active Dry Powder there too to use to help keep your feet dry and odor-free. 


Photo Credit: Prep U 

School Essentials on the Go

During the day, school essentials get stored in the locker, but after school, you'll need the right backpack that can hold everything while on the go. When it comes to choices, the sky's the limit as there is an unlimited selection. Tips: when choosing a backpack, look for one that can be used in and out of school and one that can store school tablets or laptops in addition to your books and essential Prep U items. We recommend Herschel backpacks as a great way to hold everything and still look cool.

Photo Credit: Instagram @herschelsuppy

Back-to-school is just around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to get school shopping done right. Grab your back-to-school essentials now, and have a happy school year!



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