• Game day starts and ends here.

    From the diamond to the hardcourt, the turf to the dirt, game day is all about putting your best effort into action when it counts. That’s why we created the MVP (Most Valuable Prep U) Set, to provide the next generation of superstars with a powerful trio of products – All-Natural Deodorant, Active Dry Powder and Sport Soak – that will help them stay fresh before, during and after their big moment. Gear up and enjoy the new smell of victory.

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Pre-Game: All-Natural Deodorant

Our all natural Deodorant stops odor in its tracks, helping tackle the surge of body odor without harmful chemicals. Free of antiperspirants, aluminum and parabens, our natural formula uses a cocoa butter base with Bergamot and Eucalyptus oils to provide strong odor protection that’s safe for everyday use, tough enough to handle the most rigorous activities.

On-Field: Active Dry Powder

Our Active Dry Powder puts the brakes on sweat and friction, keeping sensitive areas cool and dry for maximum comfort during the most rigorous sports and activities. Light and free of talc, our powder quickly absorbs excess moisture, prevents irritation and provides gentle odor protection to help boys stay fresh on game day or a school day.

Post-Game: The Benefits Of A Good Soak

Soreness and fatigue come with the territory when you’re giving it everything you’ve got all day long. Our soak is the perfect way to end game day or the average day, infusing Epsom salt with Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Olive oils to help muscles relax, soothe skin and provide a quiet moment for boys to get ready for their next adventure.

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