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Resource - Witch Hazel for Acne Prone Skin

Witch Hazel for Acne Prone Skin


Before you grab that chemical-filled toner to treat your son’s acne-prone skin, consider the benefits of a natural approach like the Prep U Blem Pen, that relies on the healing and astringent power of witch hazel.

Why Prep U

Ingredient-conscientious caretakers choose all-natural products like Prep U personal care products. Most of the products on the store shelves are full of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and substances that haven’t been fully vetted over time. Why take a risk with your son’s health?

Started by boy moms for boy moms and other boy caretakers, we realize that providing safe, natural products to teach tween and teenage boys how to care for their hygiene and self-care needs have not always been easy to find. We aim to fill that gap in the market with products we produce ourselves, by the batch, to ensure quality, safety, and ultimate freshness.


Witch Hazel and Its Magical Reputation

The scientific name for witch hazel is Hamamelis virginiana. The witch hazel shrub grows naturally in the US and was used by Native Americans for centuries in skin treatments of all kinds.

In today’s products, you’ll find witch hazel as an ingredient in a variety of formulations for the skin, most frequently as part of a toner. This is also how it's used in the Prep U Blem Pen. However, we at Prep U are careful to balance the positive and negative aspects of witch hazel in our formulation.

How Can a Toner with Witch Hazel Benefit Acne Prone Skin?

A toner targeted to acne-prone skin dries out blemishes, promoting faster healing and preventing the spread of the breakout. The Blem Pen from Prep U works the same way, taking advantage of the tannins in witch hazel.

In addition to providing an effective astringent material, witch hazel is also an antioxidant. Cystic acne is very inflammatory, and witch hazel can help calm the inflammation and redness that results.

The Balance of the Prep U Blem Pen Formula

The Blem Pen doesn’t rely on witch hazel alone as an aid to prevent acne. The formulation includes several other natural ingredients in order to balance out the positive and negative effects of each. Witch hazel, for example, can be overly drying. Dry skin can be particularly prone to acne when the protective lining of the skin is breached, causing a vicious cycle of breakouts that is difficult to end.

We balance witch hazel with grapefruit, aloe, and other naturally moisturizing ingredients to prevent negative side effects from use. We want our customers to use the product rather than pick at painful zits.

The Discreet Nature of the Blem Pen

Knowing that the Blem Pen will help in the treatment and prevention of acne doesn’t mean that your son will automatically use it. We’re mindful of the need for discretion with skin care products and teenage boys. Most boys don’t want to seem concerned about their skin, so having a small pen-like treatment that can slide into his pocket or bag is ideal. Whenever he’s tempted to pick at a pimple, he can pop out the pen and “write” some toner on it instead.

The witch hazel within a Prep U Blem Pen is great for acne prone skin. It breaks down pore-clogging agents, reduces pain and inflammation, and dries out existing blemishes. To order one, or twenty, for the tween or teenage boy in your household, take advantage of the easy online ordering process we offer on our website.


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