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Resource - What Is the Best Deodorant for Teenage Guys?

What Is the Best Deodorant for Teenage Guys?

The best deodorant for teenage guys is one that neutralizes the bacteria that is what causes the funk that accompanies male adolescence. If you have one of these creatures in your household, you recognize the stench that follows him throughout the house and lingers where he’s been. Prep U provides a line of hygiene and self-care products that will eliminate the odor without using chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Prep U, the brainchild of a boy mom, produces hygiene and personal care products made of only natural ingredients. Boys and adolescent males need to establish routines that will carry them into adulthood, and our products allow them to do so safely but effectively.

The Right Time to Introduce Deodorant

Parenthood is full of unanswered questions, and for the most part, parents do their best to plan for the next phase of childhood and what it may bring. Body odor is one of those phenomena that parents can be sure will arrive, but they won’t know exactly when.

In anticipation of body odor’s arrival, teaching your son to shower, apply deodorant, and change clothes regularly will hopefully head off much of the misery you’ll experience if he’s unprepared to deal with the odor when it begins to occur. All moms know just how long establishing habits can take, especially with young boys whose focus is elsewhere.

You were there with a helmet and training wheels when he learned to ride a bike, swimming lessons to keep him safe near water, and encouragement to make healthy choices regarding nutrition. Shouldn’t you also prepare him for an unavoidable part of his development, puberty? Prep U products are here to help. The formulations are safe and effective; the packaging appeals to a youthful male energy; and the price point works with a family budget.

The Prep U Choice

When choosing Prep U deodorants, parents choose deodorant over antiperspirant and natural over chemical. Antiperspirants prevent sweating by clogging sweat glands with aluminum, but the aluminum is thought to be dangerous by many ingredient-conscious consumers. Fortunately, stopping sweat is not necessary for stopping stink so long as good hygiene measures accompany use of deodorant.

Young men are particularly concerned about scent. The Prep U all-natural deodorant has a citrus mint scent for a light freshness that won’t overpower or come across as too heavy or interfere with his preferred fragrance.

Safe for sensitive skin, Prep U deodorants won’t irritate or cause breakouts. The formulations we use include no chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Prep U Natural deodorant includes arrowroot powder, beeswax, candelilla wax, jojoba oil, shea butter, silk powder, stearic acid, virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E, zinc oxide, bergamot, frankincense, neem tree oil, and eucalyptus.

The Prep U Charcoal Deodorant includes the same ingredients with the addition of activated charcoal to the formulation. The charcoal works to detoxify and remove toxins and bacteria that cause odor.

The best deodorant for teenage guys is just what you need to make hugs, after-practice car rides, and even family dinners bearable. Prep U is the perfect product to stock in the bathroom, car, and gym bag as your son develops good hygiene habits. We’re available online for orders and queries, and we welcome the opportunity to make your mom-life a little easier!


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