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Resource - Tween Body Wash

Tween Body Wash

Having trouble getting your tween son to make good use of body wash in the shower? If so, it’s time to establish a hygiene routine. While boys may smell a bit even before puberty, once the tornado of hormones begins, their stink will be intolerable without a quality program of self-care. Prep U products and parental reinforcement will help your son develop an appropriate routine prior to the development of body odor.

Michelle Houp, the founder and CEO of Prep U, was inspired by the experience of raising her own two active sons. Recognizing the lack of an all natural and effective personal care product line for tween and teen boys, the idea of Prep U was germinated and came to be in 2017. Prep U means to help moms prepare their sons to live clean lives dedicated to self-sufficiency, hygiene, and personal care.

Prep U Body Wash Is the Right Choice

The body wash and soap found within the product line of Prep U use no synthetic ingredients or animal testing during production. Conscientious moms choose this type of safe, cruelty-free cleansing product for their sons. When you read the ingredient list on the bottles of Prep U cleansers, you’ll be able to pronounce and recognize each ingredient as a gift from Mother Nature. Essential oils, castile soap, activated charcoal, and other plant ingredients are terrific for gentle and effective cleansing, detoxifying, hydrating, and exfoliating tween and teenage skin.

  • Prep U Plant-based Castile Body Wash - This product employs natural vegetable, plant, and essential oils to cleanse and hydrate while protecting the skin barrier.
  • Prep U Hydrating 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash with Apple Amino Acids - If you have a tween who likes to stand in water and claim to have showered, this product may help. Performing double duty as a shampoo and body wash, he’ll have less to remember and save time.
  • Prep U Exfoliating Charcoal Face & Body Scrub with Bentonite Clay and Apricot Kernels - When used three times per week, this product will promote smooth and clear skin. It’s especially beneficial for those with acne on the face or elsewhere.
  • Prep U Exfoliating Activated Charcoal Bar Soap with Bentonite Clay - Unscented (2pk) - Detoxifying and exfoliating the skin can help with body odor by removing bacteria and grime without damaging the skin barrier.

Teach Good Hygiene Habits

Often as parents we assume our kids know more than they do. If your tween isn’t taking care of his hygiene needs, perhaps the time has come to explicitly teach it.

Start with a Conversation - If your son doesn’t know he needs to bathe, with soap, regularly, explain why he does. Respect for self and for others means that you want to present yourself as well as possible and that you don’t want to subject others to unpleasant situations. Sitting behind the stinky kid after gym class is definitely unpleasant.

Use Your Leverage - The battle over showering is difficult to understand. What motivates a young person to stand in the bathroom with water running but not take the time to actually shower? No matter the reason, it’s your job as a parent to monitor and ensure that he actually does bathe. Establishing a habit that will last a lifetime will take time, but with Prep U and determination, you can help him develop dedication to self care. You know his levers, and if bathing is a battle, make sure you win.

Purchasing your son his own body wash created for use by tween boys should help in the battle to get him to wash. Prep U offers the ideal products for this purpose.

Wave goodbye to cluttered showers and lengthy routines! With our award-winning 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, favored by teens everywhere, experience convenience without compromise. Simplify your daily routine and enjoy the ultimate refreshment with our all-natural formula.

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