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Looking for a powerful solution against teenage breakouts?

Say hello to the natural power of Mother Nature! Our Blem Pen with Witch Hazel helps stop breakouts before they become full blown zits.

This product really works! It doesn't dry out your skin and has no chemical odor. Clean, light and best of all it works fast!! Will be a staple in my makeup bag!

- Lynn, Customer

"The Blem Pen worked wonders! I used it as my acne was starting to build up and they seemed to disappear that night! It was better than all those face wipes and other products that I have tried by a long shot. I highly recommend this product!"

- Noah S.

I would highly recommend this product. I gave it to my child to use - but secretly use it as well. Works quickly and I love all of the natural ingredients. I will definitely be repurchasing!

Carrie P, Customer

What is Prep U Blem Pen with Witch Hazel anyway?

Introducing the Prep U Blem Pen: your secret weapon against breakouts. Crafted with potent plant-based ingredients like aloe, tea tree oil, grapefruit and coriander - plus a dose of magic from Witch Hazel to soothe skin irritation and reduce inflammation – this powerful potion has earned us Finalist status in the 2021 Eco Excellence Awards for Best Skin Care for Him! Get ready because you're about to make those blemishes disappear faster than they even arrived.

How does it work?

The day-long battle against pesky zits has a secret weapon—just roll it on and get ready for victory! Waves of blemish fighting power will clear up your complexion, even in those hard to reach places. Wave goodbye to popping, squeezing and pleading with breakouts – this simple solution is all you need.

Natural clean ingredients help
prevent breakouts before they start.

Tea Tree Oil

Less irriating to the skin and minimizes swelling


Refreshing scent, antibacterial and antioxidant


unclogs pores


boosts skin health

aka mask related acne

Maskne is the unwelcome byproduct of our newest must-have accessory. We may not have seen this coming, but it's here and so is help. Introducing our natural blemish fighting solution: Prep U Blem Pen.


No Benzoyl peroxide

No Salicylic acid

No parabens or sulfates

No harsh chemicals

Set the stage for healthy skin

Keeping skin CLEAN is our job and we take it seriously.

There are many benefits of our Blem Pen that we'd love to share.



Our Blem Pen dries up oil and cleans dirt, sweat, and other debris that can clog pores. This characteristic is helpful because, if the pores are open and clean, breakouts are less likely to appear or spread.


Antioxidants minimize the appearance of redness and skin irritation while eliminating impurities that cause breakouts.


Bacteria can be a major cause of breakotus, so the anti-microbial effects of the Blem Pen are quite useful.


Prep U's Blem Pen anti-inflammatory properties can help relieve this pain, calming blemishes and aiding in healing. This property is especially important because it can help you refrain from picking at your face, a habit that can leave you with lifelong scars.


Many of the ingredients that help clear acne-causing, pore-clogging oils and debris are also drying. Adding hydration into the skin through aloe and essential oils is a critical quality of the Blem Pen. Overuse of products that dry the skin too much can damage the skin barrier and cause a storm of breakouts - the opposite of your intended result.

Need more tips on face care?

Our blog, The Prepster is filled with tips and tricks on hard topics

of discussion as well as other useful information.

All Skin Types

Responsibly Made

Plant-based Ingredients

No Harsh Chemicals

Complete your hygiene regimen
with our other products

Austin TX Born

We are a small business in the heart of Austin Texas where all our products are made and sold.

Free Shipping

Prep U offers free first class shipping over $40 via USPS anywhere in the United States*


What does "clean" mean?

When we say “clean” hygiene what we’re really saying is using toxin-free hygiene products formulated from “clean” ingredients. We’re talking easy to pronounce, recognizable, hormone and carcinogen-free ingredient lists that are the recipe for safe, effective skin, hair and body care.


Does this work on your body?

Yes! This will work anywhere there is skin and where you can get a blemish. Face, body, hairline.

Can girls use this product?

Yes! Girls can use this as blemishes don't discriminate between sexes.

Do you test on animals?

No! We never test on animals, unless you consider the Founders boys animals :)

Does this go on clear?

You bet it does! This is perfect for when you feel that last minute bump start to emerge and just in time to take the next selfie.

Wherever you go,
Whatever pops up

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