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Resource - Safe, Natural Deodorant for 13 Year Old Boy

Safe, Natural Deodorant for 13 Year Old Boy

Puberty is both predictable and unpredictable. You know it’s coming, but the range of time when it might occur can be years long. The best approach is to prepare for what you know to be coming well before it arrives. With the safe, natural deodorant Prep U offers, you can make sure that your 13 year old boy is ready for any stink puberty throws at him.

The purpose of Prep U and the products we produce is to prepare males ages 8-17 for a lifetime of good hygiene and self-care practices. We operate out of Austin, TX, producing our products by the batch to provide all-natural, safe products that moms can trust to provide their sons for use without endangering their health.

The Prep U brand is a comprehensive line of products that will span the gap between childhood and adulthood, helping boys navigate the struggles of puberty with natural products.

The Dilemma of Introducing Deodorant

The age at which your son will need deodorant is unpredictable. He may need it as early as 7 or 8 or as late as 14. Regardless of the time he begins to develop body odor, when he does, deodorant is a necessity. Some parents choose to introduce deodorant before this situation occurs so that he’s fully prepared for when it does.

Increased sweat is often a clear indicator that body odor is on the horizon. However, the exact age you choose to introduce deodorant to your son is an individual decision. Bear in mind, though, that practice makes perfect, and a boy in the high gears of puberty should use deodorant regularly.

How Deodorants Work

People often confuse antiperspirants and deodorants, assuming that they perform the same function. They don’t. Antiperspirants prevent sweat glands from working, and deodorants eliminate bacteria and negate unpleasant smells. Prep U produces deodorants, not antiperspirants because antiperspirants rely on aluminum salts, a substance known to cause tumor development.

The deodorants from Prep U are all-natural. We include no chemical substances in this process. Instead, we employ the power of arrowroot powder, beeswax, shea butter, and other natural ingredients and essential oils. Our products are dermatologist recommended and safe for use on sensitive skin.

The Prep U Charcoal deodorant incorporates activated charcoal into the formulation to extract bacteria and toxins from the skin, gently overcoming the causes of stinky, sweaty pits.

Teaching Your Son the Importance of Hygiene

Puberty is difficult enough without the realization that your son needs to completely relearn his self-care habits. We suggest that you prepare early for the day when preparing for his day makes a substantial difference. Reinforce the importance of daily showering, washing clothing between wearing, applying deodorant, and wearing socks. If you teach him early that how he cares for himself is a measure of self-respect, it will be a lesson he’ll carry for life.

Prep U offers an array of products with appealing packaging, affordable price points, and convenient usage guidelines. From body wash to deodorant, face wash, and even blemish pens, Prep U products will help your son navigate the changes common to puberty.

Prepare your son for the day when the B.O. arrives. Prep U offers a safe, natural deodorant for your 13 year old boy. Direct any queries online, and we’ll be sure to respond. 


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