You don’t need harmful chemicals to smell better.

Prep U Natural Deodorant lets guys feel good about smelling good.

EWG Verified

All Skin Types

Plant-based Ingredients

No Harsh Chemicals

Responsibly Made

An all natural deodorant that works

You’ve been looking near and far for Natural Deodorant that works. Well you’ve come to the right place. Whatever the age, Prep U has got the all natural deodorant that you need to smell fresh and stay safe.

“Thank you for creating this product! We’re so happy to find it and excited that our son feels more confident to take his hygiene into his hands.”

Michelle A.  Verified Customer

"My 17 year old son was struggling to find a natural aluminum free deodorant that worked for him. Natural deodorant for teens keeps up with his busy days of working in a restaurant & sweaty nights of skate boarding. I feel good giving it to him because I know it's not harmful to his body."

Jennifer H.  Verified Customer

"My son just started using deodorant...looked for something age appropriate and safe...he uses this now everyday without me having to remind him!!! Great scent...very boyish."

Korhan C. Verified Buyer

Ingredients you can pronounce


Absorb moisure and keep odors to a minimum. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Coconut Oil

Breaks down odor-causing bacteria and moisturizes the skin.


Moisturizing and naturally anti-bacterial/anti-fungal.

Shea Butter

Eliminates bacterial that can build up in your pits. Doesn’t clog your pores.

Prep U Dove Men Oars & Alps Everyman Jack Tom's

EWG Verified

Aluminum Free

All-Natural Ingredients

Synthetic Fragrance Free

Paraben Free


Need help breaking the news that your son stinks?

Our blog, The Prepster is filled with tips and tricks on hard topics of discussion as well as other useful information.

A clean that's CLEAN

      • No ALUMINUM
      • All Natural, plant-based formula for odor protection
    • Citrus Mint scent derived from essential oils; no synthetics
    • Perfect for sensitive skin
    • No parabens, sulfates or phthalates
    • Gluten Free and No GMOs
    • Cruelty Free and made in the USA using BPA-free, recyclable bottles

Limit your exposure to hazardous chemicals with EWG Verified products.

Products in its EWG VERIFIED™ program MUST be free of EWG’s ingredients of concern like phthalates, parabens and triclosan, which have been linked to serious health problems like cancer, hormone disruption and reproductive abnormalities.

Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant

Deodorant and antiperspirant are NOT the same. Deodorant is designed to eliminate odor, not sweat. Antiperspirant helps to prevent sweating, not odor. Where the confusion comes in. Sweat can cause body odor when our skin bacteria mingles with our perspiration--so it makes you think sweat is the problem. It’s not.

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Austin TX Born

We are a small business in the heart of Austin Texas where all our products are made and sold.

The Good Face Project

Prep U products have been analyzed and we are proud to sport this seal of approval. This means if our product contains just one toxic ingredient, we don't get the Good Face seal.


How long does your stick of deodorant last?

Prep U Natural Deodorant lasts around a month if applied normally.

What happens if I leave my deodorant in the heat and it melts or seems too hard to apply?

Whether you are a natural deodorant veteran or just sticking your toe in the all-natural product pool for the first time, check out these handy tips as sometimes shipping and warehousing may cause the product to be different than expected. If your new deodorant seems:


  • Too Soft or melted, turn upside down and stick in the fridge. It will harden and reform to the top of the deodorant topper. The deodorant topper has a protective seal inside the cap to prevent leakage.

  • Too Hard, no worries! Just warm up the stick by holding it to your skin for 1 minute. Once that’s done, the product will glide on nicely.


What happens if I'm switching from an antiperspirant to a deodorant?

You may be a savvy, natural deodorant veteran, but if you’re not, congratulations on making the move. Your body will thank you for it. However, when switching to a natural deodorant we feel it’s our duty to inform you of the stages that MAY occur while your body gets used to your new, more natural self after moving away from antiperspirant.


  • Stage 1: Jury is out. Your body doesn't know what to think.

  • Stage 2: Oh, you will smell funky. Don't worry, it won't last long. Sweat is not what smells, it is the bacteria in the skin and clothes that stink.

  • Stage 3: You will ask yourself, Do I always sweat this much? This is normal.

  • Stage 4: Ahhhhh, that's better! Your body should be acclimated to the new deo.*


Pro Tip: You can use a talc-free powder to absorb moisture if you feel uncomfortable. The best time to detox and change to an all-natural deodorant is in the winter. Less sweating!


*Please note, everyone's body detoxes at different speeds. This could go less or more time depending on how your body metabolizes.

Who can use this product?

Yes! Sweat and body odor don't discriminate. While we are focused on destinkifying guys, our products can be used by anyone, and age (over 8 years old).

Fight the Funk