Natural Deodorant for Boys

Body odor is common in tweens and teens, especially when they’re going through puberty. If you are looking for the best natural deodorant for boys, make Prep U products your first choice. 

Prep U, launched in Austin, Texas in December 2017, has developed a line of all-natural personal care products designed specifically for active boys ages 8-17.

We are proud to have won the 2018 Eco-Excellence Award for Best Skincare for Kids. The Eco-Excellence Awards™ recognizes excellence in social and environmental sustainability for products, services, companies and websites.

Our products are designed to combat boy stink before, during, and after activities and provide parents a better option for how to begin introducing personal care into their sons’ lives and tackle body odor without the use of harmful chemicals.

Choosing Deodorant for Boys

Choosing the right odor-fighting, sweat-defending deodorant for boys can be complicated. There are a lot of options, some better than others, and it’s important to understand what the products are and what goes into them before you decide.

Deodorant or Antiperspirant?

Many people think that antiperspirants and deodorants are the same thing and use these terms interchangeably. But there are clear differences between them.

Antiperspirants are designed to stop perspiration by blocking pores with the help of aluminum salts, and deodorants are designed to curb body odors caused by sweat with fragrance or antibacterial compounds.

Prep U Deodorant for Boys

Prep U is a deodorant for teen boys that works a little differently than other types of deodorants. Instead of using chemical agents to fight armpit odor, we use a combination of essential oils that help to take care of it. And, because it’s made with organic and wholesome natural ingredients, it will not only fight odor and wetness, but will do it while maintaining the integrity of your child’s skin.

Prep U Natural Deodorant is designed for teen boys. Instead of using chemical agents to fight armpit odor, it uses a combination of essential oils to deal with the problem. And, because we make it with organic and wholesome natural ingredients, it will not only fight odor and wetness, but will do it while maintaining the integrity of the boy’s skin.

Prep U Charcoal Deodorant is made for sensitive skin. The addition of activated charcoal helps to draw out odor-causing bacteria and toxins. It’s also great at keeping underarms dry and odor-free without the use of aluminum, parabens, or other harmful ingredients.

Other Considerations

There are other things to consider when choosing deodorant than the ingredients. If getting your kid out the door every morning is a headache, you will have one less thing to worry about when the deodorant you buy is easy-to-apply. Roll-ons and solid deodorants work best. Avoid sprays and messy pastes and find one that goes on invisible. You’ll have one less mess to clean up.

As you evaluate effective, safe and healthy natural deodorant for boys, consider Prep U’s award-winning products. Contact us online for more information or answers to any questions you may have.

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