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Resource - Is Witch Hazel Good for Acne

Is Witch Hazel Good for Acne?

Are you looking for all-natural products for your son and wondering whether witch hazel, which can be found in the Prep U Blem Pen, is good for acne?

At some point, every mom has to deal with her son’s first zit. Respond by empowering him with a suite of products he can rely on throughout his journey to adulthood.

Established in 2017 in Austin, TX, Prep U’s goal is to prepare young men for a lifelong embrace of appropriate hygiene and personal care. We provide all-natural, award-winning products designed for pre-teen and adolescent males as they establish lifelong regimens of self-care. One of our products is the Blem Pen, a natural aid in the struggle with breakouts.

The Puberty Shift

When your son enters puberty, he’ll begin to produce more hormones, sweat, and oil, especially if he’s active. While this situation will cause body odor, it can also set the stage for the beginning of acne.

If your son’s acne becomes bad enough that it affects his confidence or doesn’t respond to over-the-counter interventions, a dermatologist should be the next step. Banishing blemishes can be an overwhelming task, depending on the cause of the breakouts. Prep U products are dermatologist recommended and made for those with sensitive skin.

What the Blem Pen Does

The Prep U Blem Pen provides astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and moisturizing measures – all in a convenient pen form made from natural ingredients.

  • Witch hazel is said to be an astringent, functioning as a toner, that can dry out blemishes and reduce the oil that clogs pores and creates blemishes.
  • The gallic acid, tannins, and antioxidants in witch hazel reduce inflammation. If your son complains that the angry red zits on his face are painful, this ingredient can help calm the inflammation and lessen the pain.
  • The anti-microbial effects of witch hazel can lessen some of the bacteria on the skin that causes acne breakouts.
  • The lavender, coriander, and grapefruit within the Blem Pen will soothe the irritation and pain of acne as well.
  • Moisture from aloe in the Blem Pen can prevent the astringent from over-drying and having an undesired effect.

The Blem Pen’s convenient form makes it easy for your son to apply it on the go. He can slide it into his backpack or duffel for easy and discreet use.

Prep U’s line of products includes other all-natural products for the face.

  • Charcoal Face and Body Scrub – exfoliates and draws out dirt, oil, and toxins to help heal and avert blemishes.
  • Charcoal Bar Soap – detoxifies, exfoliates, softens, and hydrates the face.
  • Daily Face Wash – foaming cleanser that conditions, moisturizes, and soothes the skin.
  • French Green Clay Face + Body Scrub – exfoliates without grit and absorbs oil and toxins with beneficial moisture.

When the time comes for treatment of your son’s acne, you’ll know it, and the witch hazel that’s in Prep U’s Blem Pen can be good for fighting off breakouts. To learn more about providing your son with a clear path to self-care from puberty to adulthood or to place an order, feel free to reach out online.

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