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Resource - How to Treat and Prevent Teenage Breakouts

How to Treat and Prevent Teenage Breakouts

Are you a mom at your wit's end trying to deal with your son’s acne issues? If you’ve been wondering how to treat and prevent teenage breakouts, consider the Prep U Blem Pen, an all-natural product that is quite effective at minimizing the development and lifespan of breakouts.

If he hasn’t had one yet, trust us when we tell you that your son’s first pimple will arrive. You need to prepare him before this time comes with the knowledge and products that will enable him to deal with the issue expediently before it can become worse.

Prep U opened in December of 2017 in Austin, TX, with a dual mission:

  • To prepare young men for a life that embraces hygiene and appropriate self-care.
  • To provide young men with all-natural products with no potentially harmful chemical ingredients.

Our leading weapon in the war against acne is the Prep U Blem Pen.

The Acne-Puberty Connection

Puberty arrives, and with it, acne for most young men. The production of hormones, sweat, and oil results in a storm of clogged pores that promotes the replication of acne-causing bacteria. With appropriate use of face wash and the Blem Pen, your son can create an atmosphere that is decidedly unwelcome for blemishes. All Prep U products are safe for use on sensitive skin and dermatologist recommended.

Bear in mind that acne can be a persistent, treatment-resistant problem. It’s also a problem that can be detrimental to self-confidence. Should your son’s breakout issues fail to respond to consistent care and treatment, schedule an appointment with a local dermatologist. Some acne requires medical intervention in order to improve.

How the Blem Pen Functions

The Prep U Blem Pen works because it offers four key elements that inhibit breakouts. They include the following qualities:

  • Astringent
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial
  • Moisturizing

Within the ingredient list of Prep U Blem Pen is witch hazel, nature’s best toner. This astringent will dry the oil, remove dirt, unclog pores, and speed the healing of blemishes.

Have you ever popped a pimple? If so, you know that within it is a bunch of yucky ooze. That ooze can be infectious and lead to other blemishes. The antimicrobial in witch hazel kills bacteria as the astringent nature dries the pimple out. Your son definitely shouldn’t pick at pimples; instead, he should use the Blem Pen to speed up drying and inhibit bacterial spread.

Keeping his hands off of his zits can be difficult. They hurt, and popping them can ease the discomfort. However, messing with pimples leads to more pimples and scarring that will never go away. The Prep U Blem Pen will ease the pain and redness. Whenever he feels the urge to squeeze, he should pull out the Blem Pen instead.

A product that will go unused is as worthwhile as having no product at all.

The Blem Pen is designed for convenient transport, discreet application, and effective use. Buy him a dozen: a few for his backpack, duffel, locker, glove box, pocket, nightstand, bathroom drawer, and anywhere else he might be when the need strikes to grab and apply.

As your son approaches his teenage years, make sure that he knows how to treat and prevent breakouts, and arm him with a Prep U Blem Pen for the fight. To learn more about this or any of our other products, contact us online!
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