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Guy tested, guy approved. Prep U is the personal care brand of choice for young men.

Resource - Good Deodorant for Teens

Good Deodorant for Teens

As you plan to send your teens back into the classroom, make sure to supply your sons with a good deodorant from Prep U. Their post-gym classmates and teachers will thank you. In fact, make sure that he keeps one in his bag, locker, car, and bathroom to prevent any deodorant free days.

Prep U products are meant for use by active boys ages 8-17. We offer all-natural face, body, and other personal care products - including deodorants. Our mission is to fill the gap for parents who know that their sons need to use hygiene products but fear the effects of synthetic ingredients and chemicals on their sons’ long-term health.

When the B.O. Hits, Be Ready

As your son develops, he will, at some point, develop an unpleasant body odor, and he will need to use deodorant and improve his hygiene approach. Prep U provides products that he can use regularly without running the risk of chemical exposure.

If exposure to toxins is one of your concerns, avoid deodorant products that are also antiperspirants. Antiperspirants include aluminum to block sweat glands, while deodorants on their own cover odors. With appropriate hygiene, a deodorant from Prep U is enough to handle teenage B.O. without exposing him to aluminum that has been linked to health risks. He will still sweat, but it won’t stink.

Teens are notorious for ignoring hygiene. In all honesty, up to that point in their lives, they might have considered it unnecessary, and parents wouldn’t notice an occasional shower minus soap. Once puberty hits, though, that’s all over. Parents may have to reteach good hygiene and emphasize its necessity. This prescription includes daily showers that focus on stinky areas like armpits, the groin, and feet; deodorant application; clean clothes daily, and showers after sweaty and outdoor activities. This part of the process may be the most difficult. Old habits die hard.

Arm Him with Prep U Deodorant

Young people like products designed specifically for them. We offer Prep U products for tween and teen males to combat the struggles related to puberty, including body odor.

The Prep U Natural deodorant forgoes the use of chemicals for moisturizing and natural microbials that neutralize odor in conjunction with essential oils that cover bad smells with natural, pleasant fragrance. The Natural deodorant has a mint citrus scent.

The charcoal deodorant uses activated charcoal to detoxify the skin of odor-causing bacteria as well as the natural ingredients in the other Prep U deodorant.

Proud to Be EWG Verified

Prep U Natural Deodorant is EWG Verified. What does this designation mean? In short, it means that the advocacy group Environmental Working Group has evaluated the product and determined it to be free of any of the toxins listed on the EWG list of unacceptable ingredients.

This designation also means that EWG verifies that we do not test on animals. All of our product testing occurs on human subjects on a volunteer basis only.

Our Leaping Bunny certification demonstrates that our practices are cruelty-free and vegan. This status demands that we employ transparent practices from start to finish.

Prep U produces a good deodorant for teens to use. Our deodorants effectively combat stink without the use of any chemicals, toxins, or artificial ingredients. Learn more about the quality of our products or our production measures by reaching out online.

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