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Resource - Epsom Salts for Teenage Athletes

Epsom Salts for Teenage Athletes  

The unexpected soreness and injuries that teenage athletes experience at the beginning of the season might discourage them from continuing with their sporting pursuits, but Epsom Salts based Prep U Sport Bath Soak will provide them with a refreshing antidote that will leave them ready for the next day’s practice.

Prep U Epsom Sport Bath Soak – A Miracle Worker for Athletes

No matter the sport your son has chosen, he’ll face injury, soreness, and tired muscles. Runners, basketballers, pitchers, golfers, gamers, skateboarders, surfers, and math-letes all have days where the pain, injury, and stress could lead them to give up the activities their passions drive them to pursue. With Prep U Sport Bath Soak, athletes have a tool they can rely upon to relieve their bodies as a regular part of their post-game or post-practice regimen.

Using Prep U Sport Bath Soak is simple. Add a pack or two of our bath salts to the bath water as it pours from the faucet and finish dissolving by swirling your hand through the water. A 30-minute soak will encourage muscles to relax and tension to diminish. When your son emerges from his soak, he’ll appreciate the benefits of a natural treatment and be ready for a night’s rest and an upcoming day of practice or play.

Elevated Epsom Salts

Prep U Sport Bath Soak is our own blend of magnesium sulfate, select essential oils, and a few extra ingredients.

Magnesium sulfate, otherwise known as Epsom Salt, is a natural compound of minerals. Dissolving the compound in warm water creates a soak that will promote healing of blisters, sores, and scrapes and relieve pain, soreness, and inflammation of muscles.

Make no mistake, our bath soak is more than simple Epsom Salt. Incorporated within our formulation, the Bergamot, Frankincense, Lemon, Neem Tree, and Eucalyptus essential oils enhance the scent and the soak’s ability to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and pain.

The Prep U Personal Care Product Difference

Prep U launched in 2017, in an effort to provide stinky boys and their moms with all-natural solutions. We target our line of hygiene and self-care products to 8–17-year-old males. With our products, moms can introduce and reinforce important concepts that boys need to practice as they grow into manhood.

Prep U personal care products lack many of the toxins modern hygiene products include. We use no parabens, dyes, sulfates, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, genetically modified organisms, nanoparticles, or gluten. Your conscience will also be clear knowing that we only test products on human volunteers. We do not use animal testing, and all of our products are vegan.

The Prep U Product Line

Prep U products range from body wash to body spray, natural deodorant, active dry powder, and even blemish pens. Recognizing the need for a safe and effective set of products for males as they learn to care for themselves, Prep U products prepare them for this important stage of development.

If you’ve been looking for an all-natural line of personal care products geared toward boys and young men, Prep U products are just what you’ve been seeking. Our Epsom Salts Prep U Sport Bath Soak is one particular product for teenage athletes that will help them forget their injuries and press on toward their love of the game.


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