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Guy tested, guy approved. Prep U is the personal care brand of choice for young men.

Resource - Body Wash for Teen Boys

Body Wash for Teen Boys

A body wash for teen boys needs to check many boxes: sweat, dirt, and odor fighting abilities along with an appealing scent. Prep U offers a line of body wash products that will leave the boys in your household clean and fresh without exposure to harmful synthetic ingredients.

Since December of 2017, Prep U has provided an entire line of products meant to help train tween and adolescent males in proper self-care and hygiene. Our products help young men manage the challenges of puberty, stress, sweat, and sport with chemical-free products they can rely on to work well. With these products and your guidance, young men can acquire a healthy commitment to lifelong independent care.

Have a Conversation about Hygiene

Before adolescence, make sure that your son understands the importance of cleanliness. During his younger years, baths are really preparation for the future. Without visible dirt or an obvious smell, baths aren’t really necessary. However, if you want to make sure that he’s committed to being clean before he breaks out in a tornado of grease, sweat, and funk, provide him with a routine and safe, effective products like those from Prep U.

Educating and monitoring your son until he’s developed a regular routine of hygiene are essential responsibilities of parenthood. Cleanliness is a significant element of respect for self and for others. Avoiding the dangers of exposure to chemicals and toxins is important as well, and with Prep U products, you get packaging and scents that appeal to the user, natural ingredients, and effective but gentle cleansing power.

Showers Matter

During childhood, showers are often just an opportunity to rinse and relax before bed or wake up in the morning. As puberty nears, showers become far more important. A daily shower is essential to banishing the sweat and bacteria that cause odor. The all-natural products produced by Prep U are strong enough to eliminate odor yet gentle enough to use daily without overdrying the skin. FYI, while you might take it for granted that he understands the need to soap up extra well around his groin, pits, and rear, reinforcing this piece of information can’t hurt. If the conversation is too difficult, transfer the location to the car where a lack of eye contact limits discomfort or even recruit a trusted adult that your son might find more credible than his crusty old mom.

Shower and Bath Products by Prep U

Plant-based Castile Body Wash - This plant-based body wash is extremely moisturizing and cleansing. With no synthetic ingredients, this formula is thinner than traditional body washes with a remarkable fresh scent.

Hydrating 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash with Apple Amino Acid - The convenience of a two-in-one product with the powerful cleansing and gentle moisture of Prep U products, this body wash provides a unique scent and a multi-purpose cleanser for all hair types.

Soothing Epsom Salt Sport Bath Soak (5pk) - This soak helps sporty teens ease the aches and pains of athletic practices, skateboarding marathons, or simply growing pains.

Exfoliating Charcoal Face & Body Scrub with Bentonite Clay and Apricot Kernels - Combine exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration with this scrub. Acne-prone skin, no matter the location, benefits from detoxification and natural hydration.

Prep U products offer all-natural, plant-based power. The entire catalog is made without parabens, dyes, sulfates, aluminum, artificial fragrances, GMOs, or gluten and isn’t tested on animals.

Prep U offers a terrific body wash for teen boys. Avoid the funk that often accompanies adolescence by reaching out online with queries or purchases.


Wave goodbye to cluttered showers and lengthy routines! With our award-winning 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, favored by teens everywhere, experience convenience without compromise. Simplify your daily routine and enjoy the ultimate refreshment with our all-natural formula.

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